Am I a Bad Person Quiz

Find out if you are a good or bad person!

Am I a Bad Person Quiz
Am I a Bad Person Quiz

What Does It Mean To Be a Bad Person?

First, I want to say that there are many different aspects to consider to say if you are a bad person. For some, a bad person is someone who does something “immoral” to you from your viewpoint. Which, however, does not seem to be “bad” to others. That is why I find it difficult to generalize the term “bad person.” That said, in this article, I will tell you from my perspective what a “bad person” is. Of course, it looks pretty different when we talk about sociopaths, murderers, rapists, and the like. From my point of view, there is no “gray area” for the term “bad person”; therefore, I will not go deeper into this topic in this article. Since you ended up here, you probably ask yourself if you are a bad person. But please remember that this quiz’s purpose isn’t to determine whether you are a “bad person” or not. It is meant to help you reflect on your behavior and actions and consider whether there are areas in which you can improve. Because we, both you and I, make mistakes. That is human. The question is how we deal with it and hopefully learn from it. A good person repents and does better in the future.

The “Am I a Bad Person Quiz”

The quiz consists of 20 “have you ever blah blah” questions, which you should answer as honestly as possible. After you have answered all 20 questions, your answers (More yes or no) will be used to determine if you are a “good” or “bad” person. The quiz is designed to help individuals reflect on their behavior and assess whether they are living in keeping with their personal values and ethics. It has not been made to just bluntly assert that someone is a good or bad person – which, if we’re being honest, is impossible. The question of whether a person is good or bad is far too complex and multifaceted to be answered with a simple yes or no quiz. The “Am I a bad person quiz” should be seen as a starting point for reflection and self-improvement, not as a final evaluation of your character.

Signs of a Bad Person

Lying: In a nutshell, someone who lies cannot be trusted. If you lie a lot, you should try to stop. Lying is generally bad, and the truth comes out in most cases. Most of all, it also hurts the people you lie to (once the truth comes out, and trust me, it will come out). What about “white lies?” E.g., you are on a date you don’t like, and you “suddenly” get a call from a “relative” and have to go because of an emergency in the family. I don’t think you can defend liars, no matter how “small” the lie is. But I’m sure we’ve all lied at one time or another, some more, some less. Let’s try to become a better person by letting go of lying. Here is a very interesting article in which researchers claim that “lying keeps the community together” – all based on a mathematical model.

Egoism: Egoism is one of several character traits of a bad person. Egoists are self-centered people and choose their own advantages even if it brings disadvantages to others. Don’t get me wrong; I think being selfish in certain situations is okay. For example, if you always give and receive nothing in a friendship. Then you can also say, “No, I won’t help you with blah blah.” Of course, it is better to address the person first, and if he does not realize to change, to end the friendship. However, as mentioned above, egoists are self-centered people and lack empathy, which is why it is difficult to change an egoistic person. In some ways, egoists are like narcissists, except that narcissists take it up a notch.

Blaming Others:¬†Also a character trait that I would classify to a bad person; people who knowingly! can’t admit their own mistakes and the resulting consequences and always look for someone/something else to blame. You certainly don’t want someone like that in your life. Mostly, these are people whose development of emotions and values has stopped at a certain point, such as narcissists. What “normal” person would say about himself repeatedly, “No, it’s not my fault that blah blah happened,” and be so self-centered and think to NEVER! make mistakes. Exactly, from people like that, with such a lack of willingness to take responsibility, one should definitely stay away!

Disdain for others: I wasn’t sure if I should put this in “signs of a bad person” because, from my point of view, it is the same as mentioned in the introduction “bad for one, but okay for the other.” I think that depends very much on yourself, how you take certain things, etc. However, I am more concerned with “personal relationships,” such as friends, relatives, etc. Nevertheless, disdain can also occur at work (which is why I included this point). If you do everything right, deliver good work but still get paid inhumanely, and your boss also doesn’t see a reason to pay you more because he knows your “market value.” You wouldn’t get a job elsewhere anyway, for which you are GOOD enough. In this example, the boss is definitely a bad person.

Disrespect for others also occurs in racism, but I think we can save further paragraphs on that. I classify racists with the sociopaths, murderers, rapists (many of which usually apply to racists anyway – scumbags), and so on mentioned in the introduction – no “gray area” in sight!

That’s all from me on “Am I a bad person.” Hopefully, this article and the “Am I a bad person quiz” will help you become a “better” person in the future. Reflecting and working on yourself is the first step in the right direction.