Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

We all have at least one 90s anime that has conquered our heart. For me, this anime is Dragon Ball Z. Do you feel like watching a classic anime again? I present you the top 30 of my 90s animes.

Here are my Top 30 animes of the 90s:

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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On September 13 2000, an explosion occurred at the South Pole, which leads to the complete melting of the polar caps. The subsequent rise in sea level, massive climate change and worldwide conflicts over the remaining resources lead to the death of three billion people, half the world’s population.

Fifteen years later, 14-year-old Shinji Ikari is called to his home by his father Gendou after an absence of more than three years. Happy to find recognition and in self-doubt as to whether he can meet the expectations placed on him, he realizes upon his arrival that Tokyo-3 is threatened.

He loses his courage when he learns that he, of all people, should climb into a mecha provided by his father, called Evangelion, and fight against the hostile “Angels” who are attacking the city. Finally, Shinji decides to control Evangelion and to take up the fight against the “Angels”…

As an anime fan, you should have seen Neon Genesis Evangelion at some point, and as a Mecha fan, you can’t avoid this series at all. The two different endings, the interesting story, the characters or even the great background music, make this series something special.

I would also highly recommend you if you didn’t have already, to watch The End of Evangelion.

2. Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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Eikichi Onizuka, 22 years old, has no permanent job and lives in Musashino in Tokyo. He is a former leader of a motorcycle and biker gang. He has only a degree from the “third-class” Eurasia University, in a country where the name of the university is almost more important than grades or the subject.

So, he struggles with odd jobs until he sees a young girl adoring her old teacher. Initially driven only by the idea of having a secure job as a teacher, an earned salary, and the chance to be able to pick up young girls even as an older man, he decides to become a teacher.

But soon, Onizuka realizes that he is closer to the young people he is supposed to teach than to the teachers he also didn’t like much in the past. So Onizuka decides not only to be a better teacher, he also wants to be the best: Great Teacher Onizuka, the best teacher of all time…

I recommend Great Teacher Onizuka to every anime fan. Comedy combines perfectly with drama and a bit of ecchi on top of it. Even people who don’t like comedy animes should give the series a chance, because it offers enough serious topics with a lot of depth, besides all the humour.

3. Golden Boy

Golden Boy - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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Golden Boy is about Kintaro Oe, a 25-year-old college dropout who travels around Japan on his mountain bike to learn in “the school of life”.
Throughout history, he takes on various jobs.

Among other things in a software company with a dominant boss, or as an election assistant for a stubborn politician with a scheming daughter. In the various companies, he meets pretty young ladies to whom he quickly feels attracted. The work situation portrayed in each story determines the setting of the plot.

Although Kintaro succeeds in every episode in getting the girls and the employers excited about him, a love affair or a permanent job never occurs, because they only discover their deeper feelings for Kintaro after he has been fired due to false accusations.

Golden Boy stands out from the other run-of-the-mill-animes of the same kind, of which there are plenty, and is also a very clear recommendation for friends of “good old ecchi-humour”.

A raunchy comedy with a touch of drama and lots of heart. People who never liked such animes will probably not like Golden Boy either and will curse this kind of humor once again. I, for my part, had a great time.

4. Record of Lodoss War

Record of Lodoss War - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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The story is based on a conflict between Faris, the goddess of light, and Faralis, the goddess of darkness. Their battle shook the whole world, and in the end, only two of their loyalties faced each other: the goddess of creation, Marfa, and Kardis, the goddess of destruction.

In their devastating fight, they shattered the continent of Alecrast, so that a new island separated from it: the cursed island of Lodoss. Afterward, both goddesses fell exhausted into an eternal sleep.

The plot of the anime begins a few thousand years later when many different peoples inhabit Lodoss, and the first conflict is already completely forgotten.

The Lodoss saga is a heavyweight in the fantasy sector, whose storytelling qualities still have to be measured by current titles. For fans of the genre, it’s a must-see anyway – but also absolutely worthwhile for everyone else.

5. Trigun

Trigun - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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The story takes place on the desert planet Gunsmoke. It was inhabited by people who mostly live in smaller, scattered settlements, similar to the Wild West of America. Vash the Stampede, also called Humanoid Typhoon, has a $60 billion (double dollar) bounty on his head.

He is blamed for the destruction of the city of July. Wherever he appears, he causes unrest and chaos, but this is also due to the bounty. Because his pursuers usually cause all the damage. When the government classifies him as a natural disaster, the two insurance agents Milly Thompson and Meryl Stryfe, are sent to prevent further damage.

Vash, however, turns out to be a clumsy, but tough guy, who can shoot insanely well, but who claims to have never killed a human being before and wants to keep it that way…

I enjoyed Trigun very much – no matter if you laugh with the sympathetic Vash or mourn with him, you can’t escape his story. If you let yourself be put off by his initial idiocy, you will miss an anime classic – deep action-comedy at its best and definitely a must-see.

6. Shin-Chan

Shin-Chan - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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The five-year-old Shinnosuke Nohara, called Shin-Chan, drives his parents Harry and Mitsy Nohara crazy. He ignores all rules and often shows his bare buttocks.

The humour of the series is based on Shin Chan’s actions and remarks, which are absolutely inappropriate in the presented situations and often embarrass his parents.

What can you say about Shin-Chan? Many people call this anime dumb, but for me it’s just pure comedy and I love it. If you also like plain “stupid” comedy, then you will love this anime.

7. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Toho Co., Ltd.

In 1889, the 13-year-old inventor Jean came with his uncle to the World Exhibition in Paris to take part in a competition with his self-made plane. In Paris, he met Nadia, a young circus acrobat who is always followed by the little lion King.

He falls in love with her and saves her from Grandis Granva and her two helpers Hanson and Sanson, who are after Nadia’s blue stone Blue Water. The stone has the characteristic to indicate Nadia when she is in danger. An adventurous journey full of myths and legends begins…

Nadia is a really beautiful and recommendable series. Especially friends of adventure series should watch it. However, I recommend this anime to everyone.

8. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Sunrise Inc.

It is about five young people who were sent from the colonies to Earth as part of Operation Meteor to fight against the secret organisation OZ (Organization of the Zodiac) with their specially developed “Mobile Suits” and to smash them, as they are responsible for the oppression of the colonies…

What Mobile Suit Gundam Wing offers here is a political drama of the highest quality. Nobody who has the slightest touch of a conspiracist in him will remain unimpressed. The twists and turns, the intrigues – and yet politics is not the topic of this anime.

It’s an entirely different, much more romantic one. I recommend Gundam Wing to everyone who likes good stories about war and giant robots.

9. Dr. Slump

Dr. Slump - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

Dr. Slump is about Senbei Norimaki, a more or less brilliant scientist who builds himself a robot girl named Arale Norimaki. “Dr. Slump”, Senbei’s nickname, could not avoid some mistakes in the construction, though.

For example, Arale has enormous powers and can split the earth with one blow, has a preference for monsters like Godzilla and Gamera, is shortsighted and has absolutely no experience with the opposite gender. In addition to this, Penguin Village, the hometown of Arale and Senbei, is filled with strange people.

Among them are Suppaman, a wannabe superhero who has no actual superpowers, Tsukutsun Tsun, who turns into a tiger on contact with women, Gatchan, a small green-haired angel who hatched from an egg Arale found in the Stone Age, and Nikochan, an alien who wants to go home. This concept is based on countless jokes, misfortunes and funny stories.

Dr Slump really offers a lot of fun when you get involved with it. I can definitely recommend this anime to everyone who likes comedy animes.

10. Ah! My Goddess (OVA!)

Ah! My Goddess - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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The student Keiichi Morisato only wanted to order something to eat, but then accidentally ends up at the “Goddess Relief Office” and gets a visit from the Goddess Belldandy, from whom he may make a wish. He jokingly wishes that the beautiful Belldandy may stay with him forever.

Now, this wish is actually fulfilled, and the Goddess stays with him, which however leads to him being kicked out of the dormitory. The two find an old temple, which can be made habitable again thanks to Belldandy’s divine abilities, and move in.

However, before Keiichi can really be happy about the unexpected relationship with a goddess, his sister shows up and wants to move in with him. And Belldandy’s divine sisters Urd and Skuld as well as other gods, demons and mythical creatures soon make life difficult for the two.

Besides that, there is also life at the university and in the motorcycle club. And Sayoko Mishima, a fellow student Keiichi used to woo unsuccessfully, is now jealous of Belldandy and wants to break the two up.

Maybe a bit too short (5 Episodes), but still a really good romance anime I would recommend everyone who likes this genre – a really lovely OVA.

11. Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Studio Deen Co. Ltd.

The series is about the 16-year-old Ranma Saotome, a talented martial artist. His father, Genma Saotome, engaged him as a toddler to one of his friend’s (Soun Tendo) three daughters. The story starts with the arrival at the Tendos and the announcement of the agreement.

The choice finally falls on the youngest daughter, Akane Tendo. From now on, the Saotomes also live with the Tendos. While at the beginning, the relationship between the two is extremely tense, and both refuse the engagement, they realize in the course of the story that they secretly feel something for each other.

The situation is made more difficult by the fact that Ranma, his father, and other characters have fallen into enchanted springs. Since then, a curse has been placed on them, which transforms them into a different form when they come into contact with cold water.

Thus Ranma transforms into a girl (hence the addition of the name “1/2”) and his father into a panda. In the course of the plot, more and more characters appear who have or want to establish a relationship with Ranma or Akane.

I found the idea of Ranma 1/2 brilliant from the beginning, and the wit and charm with which Rumiko Takahashi tells the story is simply priceless. You just always have to know how the story continues. I can only warmly recommend this series to everyone.

12. Monster Rancher

Monster Rancher - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Monster Rancher is about the eleven-year-old elementary school student Genki Sakura, who comes from the real world to the video game world of Monster Rancher and there, together with his friends, fights the evil monster Moo, who wants to destroy the world.

He learns a lot of new things there, has to expose himself to fights and prove what true friendship means. The world of the Monster Rancher was once a highly developed civilization whose science was particularly advanced in the field of genetic engineering.

Therefore, it was able to redesign animals and store their genetic information in stones, the so-called Gaea Stones. With the help of such stones, these animals can be recreated in special shrines. Now a war started in this world in which animals were developed into biological weapons.

Civilizations wiped each other out, and the technology was lost. Centuries later, the technologies were rediscovered, as were the mystery stones and shrines. This re-creates the monsters and a popular sport, monster breeding, is born…

Monster Rancher is great anime, which was always a little bit in the shadow of other major animes, like Pokemon or Digimon. Nevertheless, a nice and touching story, paired with great fights. I enjoyed it very much.

13. Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Plan - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Pierrot Co., Ltd.

The two students Miaka Yuuki and Yui Hongo, are best friends. One day they find a mysterious book called the Universe of the Four Gods in the National Library, through which they enter a foreign world similar to medieval China.

The universe of the four gods is divided into four dominions, each of which worships its own god. The two friends are saved from slavers by a young man named Tamahome, but before they realize it, they find themselves back in the library. However, this shouldn’t be the last time that they enter the newly discovered world…

Lovable characters, some seriousness, quite a nice story, and a cheesy romance – that’s Fushigi Yuugi to me. A must-see for fans of the romance genre.

14. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Production I.G, Inc.

Plot of the MOVIE from 1995!

In 2029, many people had parts of their bodies replaced by artificial components, becoming cyborgs to improve certain abilities or acquire new ones. A so-called cyberbrain can partially replace even the brain. Packaged in a bio-capsule, the shell, every cyborg contains human brain cells with the ghost, which contains the identity and personality.

This makes the appearance of an unknown hacker, called Puppet Master, who can overcome the security barriers of the shell and control the cyborgs even more threatening. His victims are manipulated with false memories, lose their identity, and commit crimes for the Puppet Master or his employers…

The implementation as an anime movie by Mamoru Oshii from 1995 is, together with Akira, considered a classic example of a science fiction anime and was mostly responsible for the increasing international popularity of anime.

To date, a total of five (Not including Ghost in the Shell 2.0) feature movies, three anime television series, five OVAs, and a further four video games have been released.

Animation techniques were groundbreaking for that time and still looks good today. The gloomy and almost shocking depiction of the future world comes closer and closer to today’s standard.

This is also a reason why I find this anime so good and want to watch it again and again. Its relevance becomes more and more important over the years. This anime is like a good wine that matures with time.

As an anime fan, you should definitely have seen this movie. It is very exciting, and you certainly don’t get all of the complex plot at first. The characters are all interesting, and I really enjoyed the movie. Fortunately, there are a lot of sequels.

15. Phantom Thief Jeanne

Phantom Thief Jeanne - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

The 16-year-old Maron Kusakabe is actually a typical student – but she is also the reincarnation of the French freedom fighter Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc).

With the help of the little angel Finn Fish, she can transform herself into the thief Jeanne to hunt demons, which at the beginning of the series only appear in artworks, but later also in ordinary objects and take possession of “pure” people.

When a demon is defeated, it turns into a chess piece, the possessed is freed, and the object disappears. Therefore Jeanne is mistaken for a mysterious thief and is pursued by the police and her best friend Miyako Tōdaiji, the daughter of a policeman…

The story of Phantom Thief Jeanne is both breathtakingly beautiful and exciting. The story combines fantasy, faith, suspense and a looming love story.

It’s a classic, and I recommend it to everyone who hasn’t watch it already.

16. Digimon

Digimon - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

The digital world is a parallel world that has emerged independently of the Internet from data inside the Earth’s communication networks and is home to the Digimon, a kind of artificial life form. Many places in the digital world are named after computer programs and hardware.

Two well-known continents of the world are called “Folder” and “Server”. On the “File Island” lies the Village of Beginnings and from there the structure of the digital world is held together.

The kids Tai Yagami, Matt Ishida, his little brother Takaishi, Sora Takenouchi, Izzy Izumi, Joe Kido and Mimi Tachikawa are together in the summer camp. All over the world, extreme weather conditions prevail in the middle of the year, from heavy snow and rainfall to extreme heat. Suddenly it also starts to snow heavily in the summer camp.

Digivices appear in front of the children, and they are transported into the digital world. There they land on File Island, where everyone meets his partner Digimon. Together they explore File Island and try to find a way back to the human world. However, this does not turn out to be an easy task, and the kids face a series of adventures.

Digimon is in every way a successful and thrilling anime, which is hard to get away from once you have started watching it. It’s full of suspense and drama, and I can easily recommend it to every anime fan.

17. Marmalade Boy

Marmalade oy - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

The parents of high school student Miki Koishikawa meet the Matsuura family on vacation in Hawaii. They fall in love with each other’s partners, and so the Koishikawas and Matsuuras decide to divorce and exchange partners while moving into a big house together.

Miki is horrified about this, but her new stepbrother Yu Matsuura, on the other hand, takes it easy. He goes to Miki’s class now and is popular with the girls because of his good looks and manners.

But he annoys Miki again and again so that she eventually compares him to orange jam, which is superficially sweet, but contains bitter pieces, just like him. But after some while, Miki starts to fall in love with Yu, which creates many unexpected problems…

Marmalade Boy is an awesome realization, which is worth to be seen. One of the best romantic animes for me.

18. Slayers

Slayers - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© E&G Films

It’s a little bit hard to talk about the plot without telling too many spoilers because it’s just very strongly connected to the characters. But I will try to explain the fundamentals. In a classic fantasy world where every creature imaginable lives, there is a young witch named Lina Inverse, who has made it her profession to take money from bandits.

One day she meets the rather stupid but talented swordsman called Gourry Gabriev. He becomes her bodyguard, and together they travel from one adventure to the next. This can probably be called the fundamentals for every season of the anime.

Even though it sounds like the series is predictable, I can say that the plot is anything but monotonous. And once the main plot is getting going, it’s also really exciting and offers a lot of surprises.

Slayers offers everything I want to see in a good anime. Sympathetic characters, a good and exciting plot, lots of humour and action. A thrilling, epic and above all funny adventure. With all the OVAs, movies and sequels, this is the right time to start if you haven’t already.

19. The Vision of Escaflowne

The Vision of Escaflowne - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Sunrise Inc.

15-year-old Hitomi Kanzaki, who looks into the future with tarot cards, faints during a 100-meter run and has a vision of a foreign, feudal, warlike world. After she tried to confess her love to her trainer, the student Amano from a higher class, and after another training run, a young warrior enters her world in a pillar of light, followed by an earth dragon.

This is Van Fanel, the prince of Fanelia, who, as a pretender to the throne, must kill the dragon as part of the Rite of Succession to ascend the throne. After the fight with the dragon, the light pillar appears again, and Van and Hitomi are drawn into Van’s world, to the planet Gaia, from where you can see the earth and its moon.

Alongside the young Prince Van, she tries to solve the mystery that brought her into his world.

The Vision of Escaflowne is one of my favorites and one of the absolute must-sees in my collection.

Authentic and sympathetic characters on both sides, a pleasant and unusual setting, a fantastic story told with a lot of love and an unbelievably good soundtrack by Yoko Kano, which once again fits like a glove, as well as smooth and fitting animations.

20. Outlaw Star

Outlaw - Star - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Sunrise Inc.

In the future, space will be dominated by three different groups: the Federation, many pirate clans, and outlaws. In this world, the daredevil Gene Starwind and his four-year-old partner Jim Hawking live and earn their money as bounty hunters.

But one day they are ordered by the mysterious Hilda to steal a suitcase. But the inside of the suitcase turns out to be the beautiful android Melfina, who has no memories of her past. With Hilda’s help, the three of them manage to take control of a new super-modern spaceship, which they christen “Outlaw Star”.

From now on, they travel all over the universe as outlaws and learn all kinds of bizarre characters and have lots of adventures…

Outlaw Star offers an abundance of action. 1vs1 Gunfights are as much a part of the daily routine as fierce spaceship battles that are beautifully presented. Despite the thin plot, boredom doesn’t come up, and I always felt very well entertained.

Outlaw Star is a solid Sci-Fi-Show with loveable characters and great action and, in my opinion, doesn’t have to hide behind Cowboy Bebop!

21. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Sunrise Inc.

In 2021, a series of rings were constructed that made it possible to travel quickly through the solar system in hyperspace and colonize other worlds. However, a defect in the ring system, which was largely ignored by the Gate Company, caused the rings, which connected Earth to the rest of the solar system, to explode.

In the process, a large chunk of the moon was blown away. The remains of this crushed piece now form a kind of asteroid belt around the Earth, from which parts continuously hail onto it. Thus the Earth’s surface became uninhabitable, and some people looked for shelter in the underground.

However, most of them moved to the newly developed planets and moons (Venus, Mars, Ganymede, and Europe) or rougher worlds (Callisto, Io, Titan, and others).

In 2071 the crew of the ship Bebop travels through the solar system to pursue their business as bounty hunters (called “cowboys”). The crew initially consists of only two members; in the course of the series, three more join them. Each contributes unique skills to capture individuals who have bounties placed on them.

While the plot revolves primarily around the Bounty Hunters and their constant failure in a futuristic world, the individual experiences and destinies of each character are described – every single one of them has a unique history, which makes their ambitions and wishes understandable.

Cowboy Bebop is really mandatory, especially if you want to convince some prejudiced anime ignorants for the positive sides of the anime genre. The likeable characters and the perfect environment make sure that especially anime beginners can get a taste for it.

For all those who need something to laugh, cry and cheer with: Don’t miss it! (But I have yet to come across an anime fan who hasn’t watched it already…)

22. Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Pierrot Co., Ltd.

After 14-year-old Yusuke Urameshi saved a child from being run over by pushing it off the road, he is dead. Since he otherwise shows such bad behaviour, even the world of ghosts is surprised by this action. However, Yusuke wasn’t destined to die yet and thus got a second chance to live.

After his resuscitation, he becomes a “Spirit Detective”, who defeats demons for Lord Koenma, the prince of the spiritual world. Over time, demons and humans gather around him to help him in his battles.

Yu Yu Hakusho offers the Shounen fan everything he wants: Interesting characters, a varied story, lots of fights and also a good amount of humour and a bit of romance. Definitely a must-see for me.

23. Wandering Samurai

Rurouni Kenshin - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Gallop Co., Ltd.

The nine year old Shinta is kept as a servant until robbers kill his owners. He only escapes death with the help of Seijuro Hiko, who becomes his master and calls him Kenshin.

He learns the art of sword fighting named Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, and at the beginning of the Meiji Restoration, he goes into battle as a 15-year-old assassin for the Shishi to prevent further tragic fates like his own…

Rurouni Kenshin is a classic of the 90s with a lot of charm, a good story and the nostalgic feeling of honour and appreciation of every single life. Highly recommended for those who didn’t watch it yet.

24. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Toei Animation Co., Ltd.

Chronologically, Dragon Ball Z covers the period from the childhood of Son-Goku’s son Son-Gohan to the childhood of Son-Gohan’s daughter Pan.

According to Studio Toei, the series officially consists of four “Sagas”:

Saiyajin Saga (Episodes 1-35)
Freezer saga (Episodes 36-125)
Cell Saga (Episodes 126-199)
Boo saga (Episodes 200-291)

The basis of the action is the defence against seemingly overpowering attackers who either strive for supremacy or seek revenge for previous defeats. These attackers are opposed by a group of fighters (who are called Z Fighters) to prevent them from carrying out their plans.

Dragon Ball Z consists of the presentation of these battles, lightened up by humorous incidents and sayings. The fights, their effects and the fighting power of the participants increase to ever new superlatives as the series continues.

Considering the fact that almost everyone knows Dragon Ball Z anyway, a recommendation is almost like a bad joke. But if you don’t know it and you like Fighting Shounen, you should definitely watch it! One of the best animes ever for me.

Take this Ultimate Dragon Ball Quiz to see how much you know about the world in Dragon Ball!

25. Berserk

Berserk - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© OLM, Inc.

The orphan boy Guts spends a loveless childhood in the mercenary unit of his foster father Gambino. Frustrated with his crippling, he attacks one day and kills Gambino in self-defence.

Guts joins various armies of mercenaries in the following years, but he doesn’t last long anywhere. He only finds camaraderie with the Falcons. The charismatic and ambitious Griffith leads these mercenaries.

While Guts wanders through the world, Griffith has a lofty dream to which he subordinates everything: Griffith wants to become ruler of his empire, even though he comes from poor circumstances.

I have become a big Berserk fan over the years, and I am already looking forward to the next Berserk Rewatch. The great strength of the narrative style is backed up by strong characters, great character design, nice animation, and a great soundtrack.

I can recommend Berserk to anyone, but especially to fantasy fans.

26. The Irresponsible Captain Tylor

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Tatsunoko Production Company

The theme of the series is the adventures of spaceship captain Justy Ueki Tylor and the crew of his space destroyer Soyokaze, who fight on the side of the humans in conflict against the Raalgon Empire, led by the young ruler Azalyn, who falls in love with the chaotic captain – which creates a lot of problems…

Irresponsible Captain Tylor is a very entertaining series, and I can recommend this anime to every fan of well-conceived comedy, but also to everyone who is less familiar with anime and just wants something different and crazy.

27. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© J.C.Staff Co., Ltd.

Utena Tenjo, an androgynous girl, was so impressed by a prince in her childhood that she decided to become a prince herself and therefore dressed as a man. She attends the Ohtori Academy where she shares a room with a student named Anthy.

Utena fights to protect Anthy and becomes involved in a series of sword duels with the student council, whose members all fight for Anthy as the key figure of a coming revolution. They call her “Rose Bride” and the winner of each duel receives Anthy as “prize”.

More by chance than by intention, Utena “wins” Anthy, the Rose Bride, by defeating the captain of the Kendo team in a duel. Now that Utena is the current fiancée, she is gradually visited by all members of the student council and challenged to a duel for Anthy. Each of the members has their own reasons for wanting the power that Anthy supposedly possesses…

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a very unique series aimed at older teenagers, where intrigue, sex, painful experiences, and the certainty that things are not always going well are omnipresent.

Because of the sometimes tricky individual topics (including incest) not to be recommended to everyone, but if you dare to go there, it is an interesting experience.

28. Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

© Triangle Staff Co., Ltd.

The shy 13-year-old girl Lain Iwakura lives in a suburb of Tokyo together with her technology and computer-obsessed father, her distant mother, and her expressionless older sister.

After the suicide of eighth-grader Chisa Yomoda, several in her class still receive e-mails from her. Most of them think the mail is a hoax, a joke through the internet. Lain also receives such a mail, and Chisa reveals to her in real-time via the “Wired” that she did not die but only laid down her body and found God in the Wired.

The “Wired” is an international computer network, which is built like the internet. Lain now wants to get to the bottom of these events. But she too is suspected of having written the mails.

Serial Experiments Lain is an anime which, through its narrative style and content, opened up new paths for its time, and is still unique today. It is difficult to say to whom one should recommend this anime.

I have noticed that it is better rated on general pages than on some pure anime sites. No mecha, no fantasy, no shounen factor, no exaggerated emotes, no action, all typical anime features are not available here.

Nevertheless, I would advise everyone to watch at least the first episodes. The best way is to watch with several friends and afterward you should be able to discuss for hours about sense, nonsense or even senselessness of Lain…

29. Tenchi Muyo!

Tenchi Muyo - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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Tenchi Muyo! is the title of several anime OVAs and TV series. Due to its success in Japan, it has also been realized as manga, audio drama and light novel.

The first TenchiMuyō! anime appeared in 1992 under the title Tenchi Muyō! Ryōōki in the form of an OVA. A second OVA series followed in 1994, followed by the TV series Tenchi Muyō! 1995 with 26 episodes. In 1997 the second TV series Shin Tenchi Muyō! was released, also with 26 episodes. Between 1996 and 1999 there were also three feature films. In 2002 Tenchi Muyō! GXP, from 2003 to 2005 the OVA was continued and in 2014 the series Ai Tenchi Muyō! followed.

All parts of the series are about the young Tenchi Masaki. He accidentally frees a demoness who was locked up in a cave by one of his ancestors several hundred years ago. She turns out to be a space pirate and Tenchi, a descendant of a prince from another solar system.

Little by little, other female aliens arrive, a Galaxy policeman, two princesses and a scientist, who all want to seduce Tenchi or abuse him for their own purposes.

The series has been influenced in its humour by American movies and series. Director Hiroki Hayashi especially names Tom and Jerry.

I have to say that I prefer the OVAs over the anime series.

30. Magical DoReMi

Magical Doremi - Nostalgia Bomb: 30 Animes Of The 90s

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Doremi Harukaze is a clumsy little girl who dreams of becoming a witch. One day, when she accidentally unmasks the witch Majorika, she turns into a green witch frog. In order to make up for her crime, Doremi has to go into witchcraft to become a full witch and to change Majorika back.

Over time Doremi makes many new friends who join her. Apart from the witch exams and the daily school routine, the girls also work in the former witch shop of Majorca. Every day they experience a new adventure…

Those were my top 30 animes of the 90s. I hope I brought you some nostalgia with this list. Have you already seen them all, and which one were you missing on my list? What is your favorite 90s anime?