Soldier Poet King Quiz

Find out if you are a Soldier, Poet, or King!

Soldier Poet King Quiz
The Soldier Poet King quiz goes viral on TikTok – how do you take it?

The Soldier Poet King Quiz: Where does your destiny lie?

Have you ever thought about how your life would have turned out if you were a soldier, king, or a poet? This Soldier Poet King quiz is perfect if you enjoy learning about anything related to the medieval era.

Although you cannot find positions open for posts as soldiers or kings these days, what if you could? If you were born during medieval times, you might be destined to rule over a kingdom or become a soldier.

There is only one way to find out: by answering these twenty questions. Since each question examines you on various qualities and personality traits, try to give honest answers to get an accurate result.

What Is The Soldier Poet King Quiz?

The story behind the quiz is quite interesting because it is inspired by a song of the same name from a band called the Oh Hellos. But many people seem to think it has to do with some Christian or religious connotations.

Even though the song has a few biblical nuances, the quiz follows none of it. Instead, you’ll see that the quiz takes the title quite literally. In this sense, the quiz deals with personalities of the Middle Ages, specifically, the King, the Poet, and the Soldier.

So in its essence, you can say that it is actually a type of personality test. But what sets this test apart from others is that it follows an abstract concept. You might think you’ll never be a king or a soldier, but that’s not what the results mean.

The quiz uses imagery to explain various personality traits related to the main three characters in this quiz. For example, if your final result after completing the quiz shows that you are a soldier, it does not mean you are ready for real-life war.

Instead, it means you have the qualities and personality traits closely related to a soldier’s. In this case, a soldier is someone with a strong sense of purpose. However, there’s also a hint of aggression and violence in this purpose. On the other hand, the Poet is peaceful and quite the opposite of the Soldier. Unlike the Soldier, the Poet deems words as his most powerful weapon rather than brute strength.

As for the character of the King, he is someone who carries a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. It doesn’t mean he likes the weight of the world falling on him but rather feels he has to do so.

Why Is This Quiz So Popular?

This quiz has gained quite a fan following online, especially on TikTok, another major social media platform. The undeniable appeal of this quiz might have something to do with how it caters to the interest of a small niche, such as history buffs or people interested in medieval content.

All this brings us to the main question: Why is the Soldier Poet King quiz so popular?

The popularity this quiz is gaining online might have everything to do with its unique approach to predicting the personality of users. If you have ever taken a personality test online, you might already be familiar with the tone and style of most personality quizzes.

However, compared to The Soldier Poet King Quiz, these other quizzes don’t have the type of flair this quiz brings. Some might say that the quiz even has a sort of philosophical aspect that intrigues many people to take the quiz and find out what their result will be.

Like everything else that sparks interest in people, this quiz also has that unique touch that makes it a fun and exciting quiz. Not only that, but the quiz also allows people to use their imaginations by envisioning scenarios and making choices that might be novel for them.

How Does It Work?

The quiz is designed to show you which personality from among the three- Soldier, Poet, or King- suits you best. It asks you a few questions, some more vague than others, to understand what your traits are and finally give you an answer of which personality fits you the best.

If you want your result to be as accurate as possible, you should try answering all the questions with 100% honesty.

Meaning of the Results

The Soldier

The Soldier represents a passionate person. There’s zeal and drive in whatever and wherever the Soldier goes. In a way, you could think of these people as purposeful because they are always fighting for something.

However, overindulgence in your passion can become your downfall as well. While you are fighting for your beliefs, you are also always engaging in conflict, which is why it might seem a bit ironic that even though you’re fighting for peace, your means to get what you want is the complete opposite of peace.

The Poet

The Poet has a knack for learning new things and is very artistic. People might say that the Poet is a deep thinker, and they are not wrong; they love to ponder upon their thoughts and wonder why things happen rather than participate in the action.

However, this sometimes might cause them endless sorrow because they are always overthinking. Although you sing about faith, hope, and love, your mind and heart feel differently. But you also have hope that you will one day come out of this loop of despair and finally find peace within yourself.

The King

The personality of King doesn’t mind putting in the hard work and taking the responsibility to manage things. However, sometimes the thought of having to deal with and carry everyone’s burdens can become suffocating for you.

You believe your duty exceeds your wants, so you are always motivated to work for the greater good. But you focus on other people’s needs so much that you forget that you must also look out for yourself. It may be time for you to stop to take a breather and let the wind blow through your hair.

The song ‘Soldier, Poet, King’ by The Oh Hellos speaks of a coming conqueror, an orator, and a leader. The first verse speaks of a soldier who will come with a mighty sword to conquer and tear down cities. The second verse speaks of a poet whose weapon is his word and who will slay his enemies with his tongue. The third verse speaks of a ruler whose forehead is covered with thorns, who is anointed with oil, like the son of King David. The song speaks of a leader who will tear down the current systems and bring in a new, better system. The chorus sings the phrase ‘oh lei oh lai oh Lord,’ representing this coming leader, whoever or whatever it may be. With this song, the Oh Hellos present a powerful but ominous warning of a leader who will overthrow the old and usher in the new.