Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

At some point, every anime fan asks himself the question of who the strongest character is or how certain fights between two characters from different animes would end. It is almost impossible to answer these questions with absolute certainty.

In addition to that, our “connection” to the character also takes a big part in our decision. The more we like a specific anime character, the more difficult it becomes to remain objective. Nevertheless, I have made a list of MY PERSONAL top 20 strongest anime characters and tried to stay as objective as possible.

Here is my personal ranking of top 20 strongest anime characters:

20. Asta

Black Clover

Asta Black Clover - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Asta is the protagonist of Black Clover. He is an orphan who was abandoned at a church in the Kingdom of Clover. Asta was born without mana, which is why he can’t cast spells. After receiving a grimoire with a five-leaf clover, Asta is able to use anti-magic and became a member of the Black Bull. His goal is to become the next Magic Emperor.

  • Anti-Magic: This unique form of magic allows Asta to neutralize other types of magic. Asta uses this magic with his anti-magic weapons, which he can conjure up from his Grimoire. Asta can use anti-magic because he has no mana himself. Someone with mana would not be able to use anti-magic. After the Witch Queen has healed Asta, he can cast anti-magic faster and in a more solid form.
  • Sword fighting: Asta is able to wield a sword, but in the beginning, he just swung the sword around, without any technique. His tactical use with the swords improved after he received his second one. After Asta was trained by Fanzell Kruger, his sword skills improved considerably.
  • Ki Perception: A skill that originated in Yami’s homeland. It allows Asta to use a “sixth sense” to perceive and react to people or attacks.
  • Enormous physical strength: Asta has an above average physical strength, which allows him to wield his swords effortlessly and to punch holes in stone walls with his bare fist without hurting himself. Asta can swing his swords with superhuman strength to hurt magical enemies.
  • Tremendous endurance: Asta has an above-average physical strength, which allows him to wield his swords effortlessly and to punch holes in stone walls with his bare fist without hurting himself. Asta can swing his swords with superhuman strength to hurt magical enemies.
  • High speed and fast reflexes: Asta can move and react with lightning speed, so much that William Vengeance thought that Asta would use magic to increase his speed.

Putting Asta here on the last place on my list was a bit difficult. He uses anti-magic, which would undoubtedly give some anime characters on this list a hard time. A fight between Asta and Zeref would be interesting to watch. What do you think, should Asta be placed higher, and how would the battle between those two end?

19. Escanor

Seven Deadly Sins

Escanor Seven Deadly Sins - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Escanor, commonly known as Lion’s Sin of Pride, is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is the second prince of the Kingdom of Castellio and the strongest Holy Knight. Escanors Sacred Treasure is the Divine Axe Rhitta, and his intrinsic power is called Sunshine, which is responsible for his seemingly unlimited strength during the day, but also his slender and frail appearance during the night.

Not only Escanors strength and appearance are changing during night and day, but also his personality. At night he’s nervous, obsequious, and markedly polite and reticent. On the contrary, during the day the Lion’s Sin of Pride personality turns into arrogance, boast, and domineering. Also, it seems that he likes to judge upon other people mistakes and to punish them hastily. He is interestingly fully aware of both personalities and remembers everything he does in either.

Escanors might is dreaded by his allies as well as his enemies. Estarossa, one of the strongest members of the Ten Commandments, couldn’t believe that someone that strong would be a mere human. In combat, he mainly relies on the sun to use his ability “Sunshine”, through which his strength and size grow tremendously. During noon his body releases a crazy amount of heat, which lets him meltdown almost everything that comes in his way.

Escanor has been described as the most powerful member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Even Meliodas, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins, said it. Also, Merlin has a lot of faith in his powers and thinks that he would be the only one capable of stopping Meliodas if he would turn into his old self – which was proven in season 3. The fight itself was very disappointing to me, but that doesn’t belong here. The fight definitely made history, just not the way I thought…

18. Gon Adult

Hunter x Hunter

Gon Adult - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Gon Freecss is a hunter and the son of Gin Freecss. Gon gained through his life on Whale Island and frequent outdoor play a pronounced physical physique that is reflected in his endurance, jumping ability, sprinting ability, and punching power. In addition, he has learned to hit and retrieve even the most distant, moving targets with his fishing rod. He has sharp senses and a natural talent for dealing with wild, even dangerous, animals.

Gon is an enhancer, and therefore able to increase and strengthen abilities according to the Aura. Also, such Nen-type users are often credited with a high healing rate. During his fight with Neferpitou, Gon was able to gain incredible powers by sacrificing his ability to use nen, his inborn talents, and even a good amount of his lifespan.

He gave it all up just to be able to beat Neferpitou – which he did without any problems. Pitou wasn’t even the slightest of a match for him in this state. She was even scared if he was stronger than her king, Meruem. I don’t think that he would be able to kill Meruem – let it be Meruem or pre-rose Meruem. But that’s just my opinion.

17. Edward (Whitebeard) Newgate

One Piece

Edward, Whitebeard, Newgate - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Edward Newgate is the captain of the Whitebeard pirates and is widely known as “Whitebeard” (Shirohige). He is considered one of Gold Roger’s greatest rivals and the only person who could compete with him. For several years after Roger’s death, Newgate was one of the four pirate captains known as Yonkō. During the Great Pirate Age, Newgate was one of the most powerful pirate captains.

Whitebeard ate the Gura Gura no Mi (Quake-Quake Fruit) with which he could dissolve all materials and shatter them into pieces, even air. With this force, he was able to cause earth and seaquakes (tsunamis). Whitebeard also owned the Murakumogiri, which is one of the 12 Saijo O Wazamono (Supreme Grade Swords).

But with this power, one wonders how strong he must have been in Gold Roger’s time. It was noticeable that Newgate had lost some of his strength over time. On Moby Dick, he was connected to several medical apparatuses and was treated by nurses. Furthermore, he would have never been so easily attacked in the past as he was by Squardo, even by allies.

16. Kurosaki Ichigo


Kurosaki Ichigo - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Ichigo Kurosaki is the protagonist in the anime Bleach. He gained shinigami powers through meeting Rukia Kuchiki and has since become a substitute shinigami. His parents are Isshin Kurosaki (born Isshin Shiba) and Masaki Kurosaki. Ichigo also has two younger sisters, Karin Kurosaki and Yuzu Kurosaki. Orihime Inoue is his wife, and together they have a son named Kazui Kurosaki.

  • Immense growth potential – According to many characters, for example, Aizen and Urahara, Ichigo has tremendous growth potential. This means that he can increase his strength and potentially many times over in a short period. Thus, in his first few days as a shinigami, he already learns techniques that many others only learn after years of training. Already in his first week as a shinigami, he learned to visualize Reiatsu. According to Rukia, this usually is only possible for high-ranking shinigami. Ichigo also learned his Bankai, with the help of the Tenshintai, in only three days, although the same process can take several decades for other shinigami with much more experience.
  • Hakuda expert – Ichigo is an expert in hakuda, unarmed combat. Since he was little, he learned martial arts to protect his mother and his family, both in a Dōjō and at home, where he was exposed to his father’s attacks. As a shinigami, Ichigo was able to get rid of three lieutenants with his bare hands without making any visible effort. With one blow, he crushed Gegetsuburi in his Shikai form.
  • Hoho-Meister – Ichigo is also a master of Hohō. He could easily keep up with the speed of Byakuya, a master in this field who learned from the goddess of lightning Yoruichi and was even too fast for his eyes and movements.
  • Zanjutsu Master – Ichigo has also mastered Zanjutsu, the art of the sword. He has mastered Bankai and can keep up with captains and Espada in sword-fighting.
  • Willpower – Ichigo’s fighting strength also depends partly on his personality. He can decide fights practically by his willpower alone. When Ichigo fights, he is always determined to win, and according to Orihime, Ichigo also always wins when he promises someone to win because, in this way, he also makes a promise to himself in a certain way. Feelings such as fear or anxiety cause him to weaken, which in most cases also makes him defeated or get into trouble. “His” Hollow-Ichigo mostly uses such situations to take possession of Ichigo’s body slowly.
  • Gigantic spiritual abilities – Ichigo possesses unimaginable Reiatsu. It is so great that his body is insufficient for it. Therefore it is sprayed continuously outwards so that he can be found easily, which makes it impossible for him to hide his Reiatsu. Ulquiorra Cifer, the Quattro Espada, says in his first meeting with Ichigo that his Reiatsu at its peak exceeds even Ulquiorra’s own, but it gets out of control because Ichigo was in conflict with his inner Hollow. Ichigo has learned to concentrate and harden his Reiatsu, softening, or even neutralizing enemy attacks; he has mastered a technique similar to the Hierro of the Arrancar. According to Unohana, his Reiatsu is higher than that of a captain.
  • Hollowfication – When Ichigo puts on his Hollow Mask, he gets another immense power boost, both in speed and power. This is because he is now able to use spiritual energy from his environment like a Hollow. So he now uses the spiritual energy of the world around him, parallel to his own, already high spiritual energy. It is even possible that he is using the energy that he is giving off due to the limited capacity of his body. However, this is not confirmed. It can also be observed that the number of stripes on Ichigo’s Hollow Mask increases in parallel with Ichigo’s increase in strength.
  • Fullbring – Because hollows attacked Ichigo’s mother before he was born, he also can use Fullbring. His medium for this is his temporary shinigami badge, as he carries it with him all the time.

15. Zeref Dragneel

Fairy Tail

Zeref - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Zeref is known as the strongest and most evil magician of all time in Fairy Tail. He uses immensely strong and dangerous magic, black arts. He is the founder and ruler of the Alvarez Empire and is known as Emperor Spriggan. He is the older brother of Natsu and is the father of August.

Zeref was already able to master all forms of black magic at a young age and even started creating many demons. However, his magic is so powerful that he cannot control it himself. Zeref himself explained that the more he values life, the more uncontrollable the black arts become. This usually results in him killing everything around him unintentionally. But as soon as he becomes cold-hearted again, he has complete control over his powers.

  • Ankhseram Black Magic – Ankhseram Black Magic, also known as the Inconsistency Curse, is a black art that involves killing. It’s a black art that allows the user to create a black substance that kills everything it touches. However, various magic objects, such as Natsu’s scarf, can protect the person from this deadly effect. This magic sometimes seems to be uncontrollable, as it simply breaks out and kills everything within a radius of the user. If the user forgets the value of life, he can completely control the magic. This magic does not seem to be learnable, but, as the name suggests, is a curse pronounced by someone from Ankhseram to link life and death.
  • Death Predation – A spell with which the user releases a black disease substance that immediately kills everything in its range. The range and effect on the environment are limited. The spell affects humans, plants, and also animals. Anyone standing near the affected area is only thrown back, not killed.
  • Death Orb – The user creates a black ball in his hand, which, when thrown, eats through anything in its path. However, it’s an unofficially named spell that only occurs in the anime.
  • Repent – The user swings his two arms in a circular motion until the two undersides of the hands meet. The upper hand points upwards with the index and ring finger, while the lower hand points downwards with the little and index finger. Meanwhile, the user is surrounded by a dark aura. This spell creates a huge, vertical explosion that seems to be able to take out an enemy in close proximity easily.
  • Life Magic – A very ancient, long-forgotten form of magic that brings life into an object. A few of Zeref’s creations are sentient and try to support Zeref on his former, until now unknown, evil wish.

14. Light Yagami

Death Note

Light Yagami - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Light Yagami is the protagonist in the anime Death Note. With the help of the Death Note, he wants to make the world a better place and becomes the first Kira (derived from the English word “killer”).

Trusting in his outstanding intelligence and the power of the Shinigami, he secretly tries to take over the reign as Kira, the god of the new world order. The Death Note is a lined notebook with a black cover and the writing “Death Note” on the front. Every person whose name is written in this notebook dies.

Basic rules of the Death Note:

  • Every person whose name is written in this book dies.
  • This book has no effect as long as its user does not have the face of the affected person in front of him/her while writing his/her name. Therefore, two people can never be affected at the same time.
  • 40 seconds remain after writing the name according to earthly standards to note the cause of death. If the cause of death is not stated, the victim dies of heart failure.
  • If the cause of death is determined, there are a further 6 minutes and 40 seconds to note the exact circumstances of death
  • It is possible to enter a cause of death first and then a name.
  • The Death Note does not affect people younger than 780 days.
  • It is possible to check people whose names are entered in the Death Note before they die.
  • The Death Note cannot kill humans at the age of 124 years or over (according to the manga)

After their death, the human owners of the Death Note go neither to hell nor heaven; they go into nothingness.

It was not easy to give Light a suitable place in my ranking. Because of “his” ability, he would always have to be above humans and below all other races. However, some humans in my list are stronger than other races – which is why Light was so challenging to place. Furthermore, I’m not sure if the Death Note affects homunculi (Father), but I don’t think so. What is your opinion about the placement of Light, and do you think he would be able to kill homunculi with the Death Note?

13. Meruem

Hunter x Hunter

Meruem - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Meruem was the most powerful offspring of the Chimera Ant Queen. He was known as the “King” of the Chimera Ants and is the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant Arc. Meruem seems to be slightly humanoid for an ant. He was muscular and well-trained, despite his relatively small body compared to his servants. He also possessed a mighty tail equipped with a sting that served as his weapon. His hands and feet had only four fingers and toes each.

Meruem is the most powerful character introduced in the series so far, and he is the one with the highest learning ability. Born to be the ultimate biological weapon, his enormous physical prowess is matched only by an unparalleled intellect, both of which seem to place him far beyond the reach of human possibilities. As King of the Chimera Ants, his power exceeds even that of the Royal Guards, and he can increase it even further by consuming Nen users.

  • Unwavering strength – As soon as he was born, Meruem already had enough strength to knock off the heads of several Squadron leaders with a single tail slap, and knock a hole in the nest with enough force that the whole construction shook. His tail is so strong that it allowed him to injure all three Royal Guards, even if only slightly, although he “failed” to kill Neferpitou and held back at least once. He could easily cut Netero’s left arm and right leg – as well as his left arm, despite the immense resilience of his body. With the help of Ren, he managed to push back two of the hands of Netero’s 100-type Guanyin Bodhisattva.
  • Enormous speed and reflexes – Just moments after his birth, Meruem was able to move so fast that he was able to kill two division commanders without them reacting or Colt being able to see him move. The Royal Guards seemed equally incapable of reacting. In the brief moment when Netero and Zeno were distracted by Neferpitou’s aura, Meruem managed to walk undetected between the two. By his own account, Netero’s speed was the only one that exceeded his own during his hand movements when he activated 100-type Guanyin Bodhisattva. In the final part of their duel, when both senses of the hunters were at their sharpest, they exchanged more than a thousand strokes in less than a minute: at least this means that Meruem, after being pushed back, regained his balance from Netero and started a new offensive more than 16 times per second. After absorbing Menthuthuyupi and Shaiapouf, he became so fast that he reached Meleoron and Knuckle and ejected them immediately after his en registered them, giving them the impression of having teleported and knocked them out without any of them being able to react. He also gained the ability to fly, increasing his already supersonic speed of movement to the point where Shaiapouf believed he had quadrupled.
  • Immense durability – Meruem is exceptionally durable. Netero’s incredibly powerful supersonic attacks caused him only minor injuries and none at all after his first activation of Ren. He was able to take thousands of such blows without suffering a single scratch, although it was said that he eventually began to feel a dull inner pain. He was able to survive the ultra-powerful explosion of the Poor Man’s Rose, which was released after Netero’s death, and although his body was nearly destroyed in the process, he was still alive after the deadly attack.
  • Tremendous intelligence – Thanks to his fantastic memory and analysis skills, Meruem mastered several board games by just reading the rulebooks – defeating three national champions in only a few games. He can examine multiple scenarios in seconds. He characterizes the “rhythm” of his opponent, the unconscious bias that guides their decisions and interrupts or opposes them. He not only gains insights into their thought process but also manages to exploit them to his advantage. Playing Gungi with Komugi increased his pattern recognition skills to an ability similar to premonition. Thanks to this ability, he was able to penetrate Netero’s usually impregnable defenses.
  • Nen – Meruem was born with the ability to use Nen and a very superhuman aura that surpassed even that of the Royal Guards. By feeding on Nen users, he increased the size of his aura even further. After consuming Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi, his aura reserves and output became so large that even the over-protective Royal Guards had to admit that the King was invincible and capable of winning a Nen battle through the sheer amount of his aura. When they sensed it, the members of the annihilation team were desperate, and Knuckle believed that they would need the military might of an entire country to defeat him. When he used En for the first time, it was much further than the palace and spread out at the speed of light. Despite its immensity, his control over it is so sophisticated that he could detect changes in the environment as small as fresh footprints.

12. Father

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Father - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Homunculus, also known as Father or The Little One Inside the Flask, is the main antagonist in the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which is an adaptation of the manga series Fullmetal Alchemist.

As a formless being called Homunculus, the being that would later become known as Father existed as a curiosity in a jar and was the property of the King of Xerxes. But since Homunculus was a shrewd and clever being, he befriended a nameless slave to whom he eventually gave the name Van Hohenheim. Furthermore, Father manipulated the King of Xerxes, who longed for immortality.

Father is able to do alchemy without clapping his hands, drawing a transmutation circle, or even move. He can also create Homunculi himself as he did with his seven sin Homunculi who all were very powerful and had great powers such as The Ultimate Spear, Shield, and Eye.

Father became even more powerful after absorbing “God” what allowed him to manipulate energy and matter to the fullest extent, transform anything into anything of any size and generate any force of any magnitude. However, he didn’t have the strength to keep “God” in his body.

11. Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Naruto Shippuden

Kaguya - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Kaguya Ōtsutsuki was the first person in Naruto who possessed Chakra and the mother of Hagoromo (commonly known as the Sage Of The Six Paths) and Hamura. She had the Byakugan and Rinne Sharingan, a predecessor of the Rinnegan and Sharingan. Hagoromo stated that his mother was way stronger than him and, most certainly, the strongest being ever to exist.

Even before eating the fruit of Earth’s God Tree, Kaguya showed unhuman powers such as traveling through dimensions, hypnotize people, erase their memories, or even unleash a powerful shock-wave from her eyes, which can slaughter them.

After Kaguya consumed the fruit of Earth’s God Tree, she became a godlike being and seemed to be immortal. She obtained the ability to read the minds, feelings, and memories of people just by looking into their eyes. She could even control the weather as shown in some of her flashbacks.

Kaguya was able to coalesce with the environment to control and transform it to fit her needs. Healing was also a part of her seemingly endless powers. As shown in the anime, Kaguya healed the wounds of her sons with only a touch and even restored whole organs. The only way to defeat her was to seal her.

Kaguya is by far the strongest character in Naruto (although I myself didn’t like the whole “Kaguya Plot”), and I also find her to be one of the strongest anime characters in general – even though I rarely see her in rankings.

10. The Truth

Fullmetal Alchemist

Truth - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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He punishes people for breaking the taboo. I am what you call “the world”. Or “the universe” or “God” or “the truth”. Or “the whole” or “the one”. And I am “you” (Man that’s a lot of words you can call him lol). This being, which an alchemist encounters at the Gate of Truth during a human transmutation, is thus only what it is called. Just as The Gate is in every alchemist, the being is also a part of him.

With Edward, the being looked like a little boy, whereas with an older alchemist, it was an adult man or with a woman it took on a feminine form. However, it has nothing but a few shadows and often a broad grin. When it takes something from an alchemist as a “toll”, it takes it for itself. Just as it later possesses an arm and leg of Edward, but only when Edward faces the being.

The being is supposed to guard the knowledge of the whole world, which is hidden behind the door. After father had already got to know this power, he tries to go further. Just as people live on one planet and have one “god”, there are countless planets in a universe, which is supposed to have its own “god”.

He tries to call this “god” with the power of the philosopher’s stone and absorb it. This “perfect being” is only callable when the sun and moon meet in the sky. While the sun represents the man, the moon represents the woman. Together they form the perfect existence.

9. KoroSensei

Assassination Classroom

KoroSensei - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Korosensei is the yellow being with the tentacle-arms in Assassination Classroom, who teaches the class 3-E of the Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He demonstrated his enormous powers by destroying 70% of the moon.

He said that he would do it again a year later, but this time it wouldn’t be the moon but the Earth – provided no one has killed him until then. However, no one has been able to lay a finger on him yet. Korosensei is a very powerful being who, e.g., can travel at speeds of up to Mach 20 (15345.4 mph), which makes it very challenging to catch him – let alone the killing part.

  • His body consists of antimatter
  • He can shed his skin and use it as a protective coat (once a month)
  • He can confine his body in a sort of glass ball and is invulnerable for 24 hours. (during this time he is unable to move) (restricted in his movements)
  • Incredible fast reflexes
  • Extremely high intelligence
  • He is able to regenerate extremely fast

8. Kojou Akatsuki

Strike The Blood

Kojou - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date


Kojou Akatasuki is the protagonist in the anime Strike the Blood. Although he seems to be a normal high school student, he is the fourth Alpha: the strongest vampire in the world, an immortal demon who only exists in legends. He became a vampire (and the Fourth Alpha) only three months before the beginning of the anime. Kojou can’t remember much of that time when he became a vampire and gets an intense headache when he tries to remember.

Regardless of his relaxed nature, he has shown repeatedly that he is very intelligent, smart, and quick to learn. Although these qualities are not usually shown because he tends to act irresponsibly without thinking. However, Kojou can also be impressively logical, observant, reasoning, and tactical. These qualities make him an excellent leader.

  • Improved vampire skills – He possesses supernatural strength, agility, perception, speed, senses, reflexes, dexterity, flexibility, endurance, vitality, adaptability, instincts, regeneration abilities, stamina, resistance, and immortality; Whereby the incredible powers of the fourth Alpha are far beyond those of most vampires. Kouju is absolutely immortal, which means that he doesn’t get old or sick, and if he is injured (physically, mentally, or spiritually), he regenerates quickly and completely, even from decapitation or complete combustion.
  • Servant Summoning – Kojou has twelve servants who are a manifestation of his vampire powers. Initially, these servants did not fully obey Kojou’s orders and often acted independently. This is due to the fact that he refused to drink human blood, and thus, they did not recognize him as their master. However, he is able to control his servants and summon them properly when he drank blood. It is shown that Kojou is still missing three servants in him; one of them is the 12th who lives inside Nagisa, while the 6th and 10th still have their Kaleid Blood bodies. They are currently in Oceanus Grave II under the care of Vatler.

7. Saitama

One Punch Man

Saitama - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Saitama is the protagonist in One Punch Man and the strongest hero in his world, who defeats most of his enemies with just one punch. The origin of Saitamas’ immeasurable powers is mysterious and uncertain. Saitama purports himself that he gained his strength through regular training.

He did 100 pushups, sit-ups, squats and ran 6 miles daily for three years. He also stated that he thought he was going to die during his three years of excessive training, and even his hair started falling out. Saitama followed his training for another 1 1/2 years even after he already achieved superhuman abilities.

Saitama possesses seemingly immeasurable physical strength and is able to defeat every enemy effortlessly. He’s so strong that almost every enemy explodes after getting hit by him. Once, he “one punched” a whole meteor without any hassle. Saitama can get from the moon to the Earth with one “little” jump. With his Serious Punch, Saitama negated Boros’s Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon (an attack that would have destroyed the whole planet) and defeated him without even hitting him directly with it.

Saitama keeps up with Sonics speed with ease, and even Genos’s pursuit systems can’t track him. He was able to outpace and dodge Flashy Flash’s attack easily. According to Boro, Saitama held back during their fight – which means that one can only assume how powerful Saitama really is.

6. Son Goku

Dragon Ball

Son Goku - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Son Goku is the main character in the anime Dragon Ball. He is a Saiyajin and was classified as an underclass warrior after his birth and sent to Earth to exterminate its humankind. His real name is Kakarott. He is Bardock’s second son and thus Raditz’s younger brother.

Among all the many anime characters, Goku is probably the most known one. Therefore, I won’t dive into his abilities. However, it is safe to say that Son Goku is one of the strongest anime characters ever, and I have never seen a ranking without him so far.

I put Goku before Saitama, but honestly, I am not sure who is stronger. But for me, these two must definitely be in every “strongest anime characters” ranking – even if not in the top 5.

5. Alucard


Alucard - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

© Gonzo K.K.

Alucard (Ananym of Dracula) is the protagonist in the anime Hellsing. He is the result of over 100 years of research by the Hellsing Organisation.

Alucard is a real vampire with great power who works for the Hellsing Organisation. Years ago, he was banished by Lady Integra’s father into the dungeon of the Hellsing estate and sealed with seals, which he first has to pick up to use his powers.

Alucard shows in different incarnations, an amazing and overwhelming selection of supernatural abilities, which are probably not limited to those mentioned:

  • Immortality (which increases or decreases the more souls he absorbs)
  • Regeneration – Alucard’s ability to regenerate is greater than that of other vampires, due to experiments in the Hellsing Organisation
  • Superhuman senses
  • Incredible accuracy – Alucard is known for his ability to capture his target in the shortest time possible and to hit it from various directions.
  • Superhuman strength – It is impossible to say exactly how physically strong he is, but it is easy for him to destroy things or pierce people with little effort.
  • Superhuman speed
  • Untouchable – He can slide through solid objects.
  • Invisibility – Which is probably due to the speed (see the fight against Incognito)
  • Overcoming gravity – Alucard has the ability to fly or at least to float and can run up a steep wall.
  • Manipulation of shadows (when he appeared through Integra and Walter’s shadow).
  • Body transformation – He can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, a dog, or a girl (girlycard), but also shadows with eyes.
  • The ability to control the weather, including fog, but probably also thunderstorms, because this ability also appears in Bram Stoker’s novel.
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis – This is made clear in the anime series when he levitates the Freak Chip or in the fight against Incognito.
  • Telepathy – He often talks to Seras in his mind, and it’s not quite sure if he talks to somebody this way when he’s not visible.
  • Mind reading – when he absorbs a body, but also in living people (visible in the anime as Integra asks him if he has forgotten how to read their thoughts).
  • Mind control or hypnosis – occurs twice in Hellsing Ultimate OVA 3 and in Manga (Pip Bernadotte also believes that it is due to sexual charisma).
  • To release his eaten souls or sacrifices as in volume 8, with his watchword – I am the bird of Hermes, and I eat my own wings (which is also written on his coffin).
  • Immunity against the usual weaknesses of vampires – Silver, and sunlight. The only things that harm him are the Christian artifacts (Volume 8).
  • The ability to sense supernatural activity – He usually knows in advance what enemies are coming like with Luke, but also in The Dawn, where he already knew that the enemy was a werewolf before he became one.
  • His experience, which he has gained over the centuries and used as a strategy against his enemies. Even so, he can be classified as very intelligent.

After Alucard absorbed Schrödinger, he became, in my eyes, one of the strongest anime characters ever. Not that he wasn’t incredibly strong before, but Schrödinger Alucard is on an entirely different level – Which is why I think he’s justifiably in the top 5.

4. Saiki Kusuo

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Saiki - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Saiki Kusuo is the protagonist in the anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. He struggles in everyday life with his numerous supernatural abilities. Kusuo has a wide range of super abilities that he can use, including telepathy and telekinesis – Powers that he wants to keep secret at all costs in order to be able to lead a normal life. If you haven’t watched it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it – it’s hilarious!

Here are some of his powers:

  • Apport – The ability to pull something from somewhere else and have it pop up before you.
  • Astral Projection
  • Bilocation – He is able to duplicate himself.
  • Clairvoyance – This ability allows Kusuo to view anything that is blocked from his view.
  • Cryokinesis
  • Curse others (by touch)
  • Electrification
  • Flight
  • Hydrokinesis – This ability allows Kusuo to create water – also sweat on bodies.
  • Hypnosis
  • Invisibility (10 minutes)
  • Mediumship
  • Memory Alteration – Sending a strong impact to someone’s head to get rid of the desired memory
  • Mind Control – One of his most dangerous abilities. He could easily erase humanity with a single thought.
  • Petrification
  • Precognition
  • Psychokinesis/Telekinesis – The ability to mentally affect matter.
  • Psychometry – The ability to obtain information stored in an object.
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Restoration (Can’t be done on dead people or undo petrification)
  • Shrinking Power/Size Enlargement
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation (Only all 3 minutes)
  • Time Travel
  • Transformation (Takes him 2 hours to do it)
  • X-Ray

Kusuo is undoubtedly one of the strongest anime characters around. As described above, he has an incredible variety of abilities that make him seem invincible. However, as banal as it may sound, he would lose against Light with his Death Note – Provided Kusuo doesn’t know anything about his abilities…

3. Zeno

Dragon Ball Super

Zeno - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Although Zeno doesn’t look frightening, he is the most powerful character shown until now in Dragon Ball. He can erase a whole universe just by snapping his fingers. Zeno seems to be a cute peaceable little being, but in reality, represents the leader of the multiverse.

Zeno is certainly one of the strongest anime characters ever to exist. Personally, I don’t like this character at all – someone who has such power should not be portrayed as a little child.

Maybe it’s just because I don’t think much of Dragon Ball Super in general, even though there were nice scenes. However, the whole story seemed a bit too much with all the gods of destruction and Zeno – even for Dragon Ball. But that’s just my personal opinion.

2. Eucliwood Hellscythe

Is This a Zombie?

Eucliwood - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Eucliwood Hellscythe, also known as Eu, is a necromancer from the underworld in the anime Koreha Zombie Desuka. After resurrecting the student Ayumu Aikawa, who was killed by an insidious serial killer, they live together. Ayumu is infinitely grateful to his savior Eu, who turned him into a zombie and thus gave him a second chance.

Eucliwood Hellscythe is the most powerful and influential magical being that has ever walked between this world and the next. As an immortal Necromancer, she can decide freely about life and death, but also her magical power exceeds every human imagination.

Her spoken word alone can change reality according to her wishes, which can have far-reaching consequences. That’s why Eu never speaks but communicates with Ayumu only through a small paper pad on which she writes down her thoughts.

To protect herself and her surroundings from the effects of her power, Eu shows no emotions whatsoever but is always absolutely distant and restrained. Her feelings can cause insecurities in her person and can negatively influence her power. The armor that Eu wears on her body also serves this purpose, as it at least partially suppresses and limits Eu’s emotions and power.

Some of her powers:

  • Reality Warping
  • Resurrection
  • Death Inducement (By saying die, she can kill a person.)
  • Healing

1. Featherine Augustus Aurora

Umineko When They Cry

Featherine - Top 20 Strongest Anime Characters To Date

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Featherine Augustus Aurora is the witch form of Tohya Hachijo in the anime Umineko no Naku Koro ni. She is an overwhelming witch, who is on the level of a creator. She is able to create anything, spinning entire narrative worlds.

Some of her powers are:

  • Reality Warping (She can rewrite reality by taking the “script” of it, and paraphrase it as she wishes as if it were a play or a novel.)
  • Time Manipulation
  • Multiversal Traveling
  • Immortality (Only someone with higher power could “override it”)
  • Telepathy

Featherine wouldn’t have trouble killing every single other anime character in my ranking, even Zeno. She can literally change the plot in her favor, which makes her the strongest of all anime characters to me.

Those were my personal top 20 strongest anime characters. The ranking took me quite some time, and somehow after reading it, I would always change the ranking of one or the other character.

How would you place the characters on my list? Let me know in the comments – the discussion and different views are what makes this kind of ranking interesting.