Haikyuu Quiz – Which Haikyuu Character Are You?

Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz
Which Haikyuu Character Are You

I have watched a lot of sports anime, like Kuroko’s Basketball, Captain Tsubasa, Hikaru no Go, Hajime no Ippo, etc.. But my absolute favorite sports anime is and always will be Haikyuu. It just grabbed me how the small Hinata Shoyo wants to become one of the best volleyball players. I also just like the whole Team Karasuno and the schools they rival.

I don’t have a single character that I really hate in Haikyuu. I find almost all of them interesting, and that’s something you first have to accomplish as a mangaka. It’s really rare for me to find so many side characters interesting, and want to know more about them. Haruichi Furudate has outdone himself on this one! 

I must have rewatched Haikyuu 2 or 3 times already. It’s just incredibly good. I refuse to read the manga, though. Normally, I would have been through the manga by the time there were no more episodes to watch. But with Haikyuu, I always wanted to wait for the anime and then be surprised. I also think the animation is just so damn good.

However, I don’t like getting a two-part movie instead of a fifth season. Well, as far as I know, nothing has been definitively decided yet, and I’m hoping for a regular season instead of movies. Either way, I’ll definitely be watching it. In the meantime, to satisfy my “Haikyuu craving” a bit, I thought I’d do a Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz.

As mentioned before, I like pretty much every character in Haikyuu, and accordingly, there will be plenty for you to get 😉

Characters You Can Get In My Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

Shoyo Hinata

Shoyo Hinata - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Shoyo Hinata is undoubtedly one of the most compelling characters in Haikyuu. His inspiring journey to become one of the best volleyball players and passionate dedication is amazing.

Hinata is a small but incredibly talented player who has dreams of becoming a great volleyball player despite his size and limited experience. His unwavering will, breathtaking speed, and ability to reach even the most difficult balls are admirable. But what really sets him apart is his tireless drive to inspire and bring out the best in his teammates.

His rivalry with Kageyama is just hilarious. Their evolution from rivals to friends and teammates is just damn entertaining to watch. Hinata’s character is also defined by his smile and cheerfulness, which lifts the team’s spirits and makes fans laugh. He symbolizes perseverance and the belief that size doesn’t matter (That’s what she said) as long as you believe in yourself.

Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Tobio Kageyama, also known as “King of the Court,” is impressive. His amazing journey from “King of the Court” to a true team player and overall development is one of my highlights in Haikyuu.

Kageyama stands out for his incredible volleyball talent. His precise passing, tactical genius, and ability to read the game make him one of the best setters in volleyball. I am fascinated by his relentless pursuit of perfection and his willingness to work hard on himself to improve his skills.

What really sets Kageyama apart is his development as a person. Initially labeled a ” tyrant,” he has made significant strides in teamwork, communication, and empathy throughout the series. His close friendship and collaboration with Hinata is a highlight of the series and shows how people can grow and change when they open up and work together.

The character development in Haikyuu is some of the best I’ve seen in anime. You could probably write a separate article about that. For me, character development is one of the most important aspects an anime/manga MUST have. Otherwise, I lose interest. And Haikyuu just did that so incredibly well. But enough of that, on to Kageyama 😉.

Kageyama is a character who reminds us that no one is perfect, but everyone has the chance to improve and rise above. His pursuit of excellence and willingness to learn from his mistakes make him an admirable role model.

Yu Nishinoya

Yu Nishinoya - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Yu Nishinoya, also known as the “Guardian Deity” or “Noya,” is fascinating. I can’t give enough praise to this incredible libero.

Nishinoya is a true hero in the world of volleyball. His incredible reflexes, aggressive defensive style, and passion for the game make him indispensable to Karasuno. I love watching his breathtaking saves, deflecting seemingly impossible balls, and inspiring the team with his energy and confidence.

What sets Nishinoya apart, however, is his personality. His loud, extroverted nature and unwavering determination are infectious. He is a great team player and can motivate his teammates during difficult times.

Nishinoya’s friendship with the quiet and reserved Asahi Azumane is particularly moving. Their close bond and ability to strengthen each other exemplify the depth of relationships in Haikyuu.

Asahi Azumane

Asahi Azumane - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Asahi Azumane is a fascinating and compassionate character. I simply cannot emphasize enough how much I admire his character and development.

Asahi is a talented volleyball player with impressive height and strength. He is a strong attacker and has the potential to dominate the game. But what sets him apart is his inner journey and emotional growth.

At the beginning of the series, Asahi struggles with self-doubt and a lack of confidence. His previous failure on the volleyball court has left him insecure, but as the series progresses, he finds the strength to pick himself up and believe in his potential. His return to the team and close friendship with Nishinoya are heartwarming and show the importance of support and friendship in sports.

Asahi’s gentle and considerate personality makes him a character to admire and respect. His ability to rise above himself and take on the challenges of volleyball and life makes him an inspiring role model.

Toru Oikawa

Toru Oikawa - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Toru Oikawa, the charismatic setter, is a very complex character. I can’t get enough of his complex personality and brilliant playing style.

Oikawa is an outstanding volleyball player and a master of tactics and team management. His precise passing and ability to read the game are impressive, and he has a unique ability to motivate and bring out the best in his teammates. I appreciate his unwavering dedication to the game and tireless efforts to perfect his skills.

But what makes Oikawa such a fascinating character is his human side. He struggles with self-doubt and the feeling of always being in the shadow of others he considers better or genius (e.g., Kageyama). These inner conflicts make him an extremely realistic character to identify with.

Oikawa is a rival and a character to respect and admire. His dedication to volleyball and his pursuit of perfection are admirable. He is a complex character who has made me think about the meaning of success and failure. He is definitely the epitome of hard work pays off.

Kenma Kozume

Kenma Kozume - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Kenma Kozume, Nekoma’s quiet and intelligent setter, is a character who deeply moves and inspires many. He has a unique personality and a very subtle yet remarkable presence in Haikyuu.

Kenma stands out for his quiet and thoughtful nature. He is a player who has more on his mind than he shows on the outside. His ability to analyze the game and make tactical decisions is impressive. As a fan, I am fascinated by his intelligence and ability to support his teammates with knowledge and accuracy.

What really sets Kenma apart, however, is his development throughout the series. He starts as a reserved and introverted player who has trouble expressing himself. But as the storyline progresses, we see him come out of his shell, make friends, and find his place on the team and in volleyball. This journey of self-discovery and growth is amazing and inspiring.

Kenma is a character who shows that you don’t have to be loud or extroverted to succeed in sports. His quiet determination and firm belief in the power of collaboration make him a role model for introverts and anyone striving for self-realization.

Kotaro Bokuto

Kotaro Bokuto - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Kotaro Bokuto, the passionate and energetic captain of Fukurodani, is one of the most charismatic and entertaining characters in Haikyuu. I can’t get enough of experiencing his vibrant personality and impressive playing style.

Bokuto is a player who is always in the spotlight. His passionate love for volleyball, charismatic nature, and distinctive hairstyle make him a standout. He can change the whole atmosphere on the court with his energy and enthusiasm alone.

What makes Bokuto so endearing, however, is his human side. He’s not always the best at dealing with frustration and defeat and can go from extreme euphoria to deep frustration. These emotional ups and downs make him a realistic and complex character that is easy to take to heart.

Bokuto’s close friendship with Keiji Akaashi is also very moving. Their relationship shows how different personalities can complement each other and how friendships grow in volleyball and life.

Keiji Akaashi

Keiji Akaashi - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Keiji Akaashi, the quiet and intelligent libero of Fukurodani, is a figure who is particularly appreciated for his unobtrusive but decisive role and profound personality. I admire his calm and profound nature, as well as his outstanding volleyball skills.

Akaashi is known for his ability to make cool and rational decisions that often make a difference in a match. As a libero, he is the guardian of the defense, working in the background to support his teammates and save balls. His precision and ability to predict the course of the game are admirable and make him a key player on the team.

What sets Akaashi apart, however, is his deep personality. He is thoughtful and reserved but simultaneously very loyal and dedicated to his teammates and team. His close friendship and collaboration with Bokuto are captivating – Akaashi repeatedly puts him at ease and is the one who gives him stability.

Akaashi is a character who shows that calmness and rationality are just as important as passion and energy and that different personalities can complement each other to make a successful team.

Tetsurou Kuroo

Tetsurou Kuroo - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Tetsurou Kuroo, the charismatic captain of Nekoma, is one of the most popular characters in the series and a favorite of many, including me (like everyone else from Nekoma, lol). Kuroo stands out for his intriguing personality and tactical genius.

His ability to motivate his teammates and maintain the team’s confidence is admirable. He is a captain who shines on the field and plays an important role off the field by supporting and inspiring his teammates.

Kuroo is not only an outstanding player but also an excellent tactician. His ability to analyze opponents and develop strategies is crucial to Nekoma. Watching his tactical decisions and understanding of the game excites me.

What makes Kuroo particularly endearing is his easy-going and humorous personality. He always brings a relaxed team atmosphere, even during the most stressful moments. His friendship with Kenma is one of my highlights, as I find both characters simply very interesting – each in their own way.

Atsuma Miya

Atsumu Miya - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Atsumu Miya, Inarizaki’s talented and confident setter, is one of the most striking and controversial characters in Haikyuu. His impressive skills and complex personality make him interesting to me.

Atsumu is known for his stunning passes and ability to elevate the game to a higher level. His confidence and belief in his abilities are admirable and make him a feared opponent on the field. His determination to always do his best and lead his team to victory fascinates me.

However, his complicated personality makes Atsumu Miya such a fascinating character. He is not always the easiest character. However, he is also a character that grows and develops.

As the series progresses, we see him better understand his strengths and weaknesses and how he improves as a team player. His close relationship with his twin brother Osamu is one of those “side stories” in Haikyuu that just hooks me.

Osamu Miya

Osamu Miya - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Osamu Miya, the twin brother of Atsumu Miya and the co-captain of Inarizaki, is a fascinating and underrated character.

Osamu, unlike his brother Atsumu, is rather quiet and reserved. He does not display the same level of confidence and extravagance as Atsumu, which makes him an interesting counterpart character to his brother. Nevertheless, Osamu is an extremely talented player and an important part of Inarizaki.

The relationship between Osamu and Atsumu is also very interesting. Although they occasionally argue and rival each other, they have a close family bond that comes into play at crucial moments in the game.

Kei Tsukishima

Kei Tsukishima - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Kei Tsukishima, the intelligent and sharp-witted blocker of Karasuno, is a character that has taken a special place in the hearts of fans. I’m fascinated by his complex personality and his development throughout the series. He is probably in my top 5 characters.

Tsukishima stands out for his calm and often sarcastic nature. He is a thinker who carefully weighs his decisions and analyzes the game. This analytical ability makes him an outstanding blocker, able to see through and thwart opponents’ attacks.

What makes Tsukishima stand out, however, is his growth. At the beginning of the series, he is often cynical and distant, but over time, he opens up more and develops a stronger bond with his teammates. His rivalry and friendship with Yamaguchi is also very entertaining.

Tadashi Yamaguchi

Tadashi Yamaguchi - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Tadashi Yamaguchi, Karasuno’s talented and loyal middle blocker and server, is a figure who has captured the hearts of fans because of his development and loyalty. I appreciate his humble personality and boundless ambition.

His reluctance and lack of self-confidence first distinguish Yamaguchi. He is the one who struggles the most with self-doubt, especially compared to his talented teammates. I admire his determination to overcome his fears and reach his full potential.

However, his role as a server makes Yamaguchi stand out. His serves, which he executes with great precision and determination, have become a decisive factor for Karasuno. I will never forget his serve against Aoba Johsai, which could not have come at a better time. “The Point that Changes the Momentum!!!”

Koshi Sugawara

Koshi Sugawara - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Koshi Sugawara, the experienced and compassionate senior setter of Karasuno, is a character that fans appreciate for his maturity, leadership, and unceasing support for the team. I can’t stress enough how important he is to the team and the series’ dynamic.

Sugawara stands out for his calmness and composure, which play an important role in the heated moments on the field. As an experienced player, he is an important anchor for his younger teammates. His ability to stay calm and bring out the best in his teammates is admirable and makes him a true team player.

What sets Sugawara apart, however, is his dedication to the team and his unceasing commitment to supporting his teammates even when he is not on the field. His close friendship with Daichi and Asahi is heartwarming and shows the importance of trust and loyalty in volleyball.

Sugawara is also a character who grows throughout the series. He accepts his role as a substitute player and captain of the second team and continues to work for the team’s good even when he is not playing.

Ryunosuke Tanaka

Ryunosuke Tanaka - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Ryunosuke Tanaka, the spirited and passionate wing player of Karasuno, is a character that fans love for his energy, determination, and comedic qualities. His personality is just plain funny.

Tanaka stands out for his temperamental and loud nature. He’s the first to stand out on the field, whether it’s his combative attitude or signature hedgehog haircut. He’s a real mood-setter and motivates his teammates.

What sets Tanaka apart, however, is his determination. Despite his limited physical abilities and sometimes clumsy attempts to improve his technique, he never stops working hard and improving. His contagious passion for the game makes him a role model for those chasing their dreams.

Tanaka’s friendship with Nishinoya is one of the most dynamic and entertaining in the series. Their mutual support and humor provide many humorous moments.

Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Wakatoshi Ushijima, Shiratorizawa’s outstanding and tenacious ace player, is a character that fans respect for his impressive skills, unwavering confidence, and unique personality. I can’t help but be amazed by his dominance on the court and his deep dedication to volleyball.

Ushijima is known for his overwhelming attacking power, precision, and reliability as an ace player. He is an unstoppable force on the court and a nightmare for opposing blockers.

What sets Ushijima apart, however, is his straightforward and uncompromising nature. He firmly believes in his abilities and his superiority over others and is not shy about showing it. This attitude makes him one of the most memorable opponents and drives karasuno players, especially Hinata, to surpass themselves.

Shinsuke Kita

Shinsuke Kita - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Shinsuke Kita, the calm and disciplined captain of Inarizaki, is someone that fans appreciate for his balanced personality and respectable character. I admire his leadership qualities and the moral values he embodies on and off the field.

Kita is a captain who stands out not with loud words and spectacular deeds but with his exemplary behavior and selflessness. He is known for his strictness towards himself and his teammates, patience, and ability to help others improve.

What sets Kita apart is his focus on the fundamentals of volleyball and his willingness to concentrate on the basics rather than be distracted by extravagant tactics. This approach reflects his calm and deliberate personality and contributes to his team’s success.

Daichi Sawamura

Daichi Sawamura - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Daichi Sawamura, the unwavering captain of Karasuno, is a figure fans admire for his strength, leadership, and integrity of character. I can’t help but be thrilled by his impressive personality and influence on Karasuno.

Daichi is a captain who leads his team with determination and care. He is known for his ability to motivate his teammates and push them to perform at their best. He is the stabilizing force in the team, keeping calm in stressful moments and building the confidence of his teammates.

Daichi is particularly characterized by his exceptional ability to receive. His precision and consistency in this area are admirable and form Karasuno’s backbone.

Hajime Iwaizumi

Hajime Iwaizumi - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Hajime Iwaizumi, the steady and powerful vice-captain of Aoba Johsai, is a figure fans admire for his strength, loyalty, and clear moral compass.

Iwaizumi is a player who acts with determination and passion. He is known for his powerful serves and impressive attacks that often help his team out of difficult situations. What makes Iwaizumi special is his close friendship with Tooru Oikawa. Their friendship is characterized by mutual respect, support, and open disagreements.

Iwaizumi is also a character known for his fairness and integrity. He always stands up for his beliefs and protects his teammates.

Satori Tendo

Satori Tendo -

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Satori Tendo, Shiratorizawa’s eccentric and unconventional middle blocker, is a character fans love for his unique personality and refreshingly different approach to volleyball. His eccentric and entertaining nature blows me away. He’s just “weird,” but in a good way.

Tendo stands out for his unpredictable behaviors and eccentric comments, often providing humorous moments in the series. His ability to surprise and confuse the opponent is impressive.

What makes Tendo stand out is his unwavering confidence and belief in his abilities. He takes his role as a blocker very seriously and sees himself as the ultimate barrier for opposing attackers. This determination makes him a fearsome opponent and an interesting character. Tendo’s relationship with Ushijima is also a fascinating aspect of the plot. Although they often disagree and challenge each other, they deeply respect each other and are determined to achieve their common goal.

Hitoka Yachi

Hitoka Yachi - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Hitoka Yachi, the shy and lovable manager of Karasuno, is a character that fans admire for her courage, determination, and charming character. I especially like her unique role on the team and her inspiring development throughout the series.

Yachi is first introduced as an insecure girl who accidentally falls into the world of volleyball. Her shyness and initial insecurity are easy to see, making her a very human and sympathetic character. I admire her bravery when taking on the team manager job, even though she knew little about the sport.

However, Yachi’s dedication and willingness to learn and grow make her stand out. She works hard to become an effective manager, supports the team wholeheartedly, and eventually becomes a vital link between the players and the coaching staff.

Yachi’s friendship and relationship with Kiyoko Shimizu is heartwarming. Their close bond shows how experience and youth can complement each other and the importance of support and cooperation within the team.

Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Kiyoko Shimizu, the calm and elegant team manager of Karasuno, is a character that fans admire for her grace, determination, and loyalty. Her personality and important role in the team are just a few things that make her stand out.

Kiyoko is known for her beauty and outward appearance, but she is much more than that. She is an extremely dedicated and responsible team manager who is touchingly concerned with the team’s needs. Her ability to organize and support the team is admirable, and she is appreciated by the players and fans alike.

What makes Kiyoko stand out is her restraint and reserved nature. She doesn’t speak often, but it is of great importance when she does. She is strong, independent, and a reliable support for the players.

Takanobu Aone

Takanobu Aone - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Takanobu Aone, Date Tech’s imposing middle blocker, is a figure fans admire for his physical strength, determination, and impenetrable defense. He has an imposing presence on the court and a remarkable personality.

Aone stands out for his imposing stature and ability to dominate the net. His blocking skills are nearly invincible, and his mere presence has been known to intimidate opponents. He is basically Date Tech’s shield.

However, his quiet determination and belief in the team sets Aone apart. Although he rarely speaks, he expresses his determination through his actions and is willing to give his all to lead his team to victory. His dedication to team sports and faith in his teammates are admirable.

Aone also has a special relationship with Futakuchi. Futakuchi, who is spirited and energetic, and Aone, who is calm and collected, uniquely complement each other and show how different personalities can work together on a team.

Keishin Ukai

Keishin Ukai - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Keishin Ukai, Karasuno’s energetic and dedicated coach, is a figure fans admire for his passion, commitment, and ability to get the best out of his players. He has an inspiring personality and a good influence on Karasuno.

Coach Ukai is a coach who leads the team with enthusiasm and determination. His love for volleyball is evident; he is willing to work hard to lead his team to success.

What makes Coach Ukai stand out is his ability to recognize his players’ potential and develop them in individual ways. He encourages them to believe in themselves and continuously improve. His tactical intelligence and understanding of the game are impressive and contribute to the team’s success.

His desire to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and lead the team back to its former strength is Ukai’s biggest goal.

Korai Hoshiumi

Korai Hoshiumi - Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz

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Korai Hoshiumi, Kamomedai’s confident and talented wing spiker, is a figure fans admire for his amazing skills, charisma, and impressive personality. He has a unique charisma and style when he’s playing volleyball.

Hoshiumi is characterized by his incredible jumping power and ability to hit the ball into the opponent’s field with precision and power. He is a true aerialist who seems to defy gravity. What makes Hoshiumi stand out is his confidence and charismatic demeanor. He is aware of his abilities, but he is never arrogant. Instead, he respects his opponents and challenges them to do their best. His leadership qualities are admirable and make him an inspiring figure.

There are plenty of charismatic characters in Haikyuu, from passionate players to dedicated coaches and supportive team managers. And I love every single character I’ve written about here. My Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz offers a chance to dive into the world of these fascinating characters and find out which fits your personality best. Are you a passionate leader like Daichi Sawamura, a calm strategist like Tobio Kageyama, or perhaps a charismatic wing spiker like Korai Hoshiumi? The quiz will tell you!

Haikyuu has a huge fan base worldwide, and we fans are always curious about which character resembles us the most. With my quiz, you can also invite your friends to discover their favorite characters and maybe even explore new facets of their personalities. It’s a fun way to strengthen the community of us Haikyuu fans and spark conversations about the series.

So, invite your friends and fellow fans to take my Which Haikyuu Character Are You Quiz and share the joy that this fantastic anime series and its diverse characters offer. Have fun taking the quiz and discovering which Haikyuu character is inside each of you!