Tokyo Ghoul Quiz – Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You?

Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz
Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

If you’re wondering, “What Tokyo Ghoul Character Am I?” you’ve come to the right place. Tokyo Ghoul is one of my favorite anime, although I personally liked the manga better. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the anime very much. If you’re interested in the differences between manga and anime, here’s a Reddit user’s summary of pretty much everything.

My absolute favorite character was Touka: “What the hell do you know?! It’s all because I can’t eat, because I could be a target at any time, all because I’m a ghoul! No matter how much I try, there’s a wall I can never jump over, and there’s happiness that I can never have. But I’m still hanging on to life. Despite it all.”

I will only use characters from the anime, as I think most know Tokyo Ghoul as an anime and not manga, as is so often the case, unfortunately. By the way, if you’re looking for a similar anime to Tokyo Ghoul, I would recommend Parasyte: The Maxim. I’m not sure why, but the whole setting reminded me a lot of Tokyo Ghoul, and for me personally, it’s one of the best anime out there. So, you should definitely give it a try! Also, it’s criminally underrated.

Now let’s get to the characters you can get in my Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz.

Characters in Tokyo Ghoul


Kaneki - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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At first, he is a reserved and friendly student who leads a normal life. After being attacked by a ghoul on a date, he survives the encounter, but his organs are transplanted to save him. As a result, he becomes a half-ghoul himself.

Kaneki is at the center of the story as he faces the challenges of his new life as a ghoul. He has to get used to eating human flesh to survive and deal with the conflicts between humans and ghouls. In the process, he desperately tries to maintain his humanity.

Throughout the series, Kaneki goes through significant development. He struggles with his identity, past, and difficulties as a ghoul. Kaneki becomes a symbol of the complexity of human nature as he faces inner conflicts and moral dilemmas.

As a character, Kaneki is fascinating and complex. He is smart, thoughtful, and has a deep emotional intelligence. Through his experiences, he becomes increasingly determined and strong. Kaneki questions the structures of society and fights for survival and understanding between humans and ghouls.


Touka - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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She is a young ghoul who works in a coffee bar called “Anteiku.” Initially, she appears mysterious and reserved, but over time she develops a strong presence.

Touka is a former student of Kamii University. She is known for her agility and skills in combat, often using a special weapon called “Kagune” that emerges from her body.

Although skeptical of humans at first, Touka also has a soft side and works for the good of her ghoul community. She becomes a familiar figure to Kaneki and plays a significant role in his development. Throughout the series, a close relationship forms between the two, marked by both conflict and mutual support.

Touka shows remarkable development during the story. She overcomes her initial aversion to humans and begins to accept and explore her own identity. Touka is strong, determined, and willing to fight for what she believes in. She becomes a key figure in the fight for equality and acceptance between humans and ghouls.


Rize - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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She appears early in the story and plays a crucial role in the transformation of Kaneki.

Rize is an attractive woman with long, purple hair and a mysterious aura. She is an exceptionally strong ghoul known as a “binge eater” since she devours a large amount of human flesh. Her encounter with Kaneki in a cafe leads her to change his destiny dramatically.

Despite her limited screen time, Rize strongly impacts the plot and character development in Tokyo Ghoul. Her influence on Kaneki and the events triggered by their encounter are a turning point in the story and drive the plot forward.


Hide - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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He is Kaneki’s best friend and plays a significant role in his life.

Hide is a cheerful and energetic character who supports Kaneki from the beginning and is an important support for him. He works as an investigator at the CCG, an organization that fights against ghouls. Although he is human, Hide is very brave and shows extraordinary determination.

Hide is extremely intelligent and curious. He is obsessed with uncovering secrets and discovering the truth about the mysterious events in Tokyo, including the existence of ghouls. His curiosity leads him to get into dangerous situations, but he also shows strong resourcefulness and survival skills.

The relationship between Hide and Kaneki is one of the central aspects of the series. Hide is one of the few people Kaneki tells about his transformation into a half-ghoul. He accepts Kaneki unconditionally and is always there for him, no matter how dark the situation gets. Their friendship shows how important trust and support are in difficult times.


Nishio - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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Nishio first appears as an arrogant and ruthless ghoul who feeds on human flesh. He is a member of Aogiri Tree, an organization that works to free the ghouls. At first, he considers Kaneki a competition and tries to defeat him.

As the series progresses, Nishio develops into a more complex character. He is shown to have a difficult past and tries to protect his lover Kimi Nishino, who is human. His relationship with Kaneki changes from hostility to a kind of rivalry and finally to a certain friendship.


Yoshimura - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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Yoshimura is a powerful ghoul who is a mysterious and respected figure in the ghoul community. He has a calm and thoughtful personality marked by wisdom and kindness. Yoshimura has a deep knowledge of ghoul culture and strives for a peaceful compromise between humans and ghouls.

As the leader of Anteiku, Yoshimura plays a crucial role in supporting and training young ghouls. He offers them a safe place to hide from the dangers of the outside world and teaches them how to control their instincts and preserve their humanity.

Yoshimura has a complex past, which is revealed throughout the series. It is revealed that he once acted as Eto Yoshimura, a well-known author of books based on ghoul myths. This past connects him to various storylines and further reveals his role.

Yoshimura embodies a kind of moral compass in the series. He tries to bridge the boundaries between humans and ghouls, showing compassion and understanding for both sides. His wisdom and leadership inspire other characters to question their own beliefs and prejudices.


Amon - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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Amon first appears as an ambitious and serious investigator, determined to fight the ghouls and protect humanity. He is known for his extraordinary physical strength and skill in combat. Amon strictly follows the rules and code of the CCG and firmly believes that ghouls are a threat to society.

As the series progresses, Amon develops into a more complex character who begins to see the gray areas of Tokyo Ghoul’s world. He gets into conflicts where he must reconcile personal experiences and human connections with the CCG’s merciless mission.

Amon’s encounters with ghouls, especially Kaneki, change his perspective on ghoul society and the boundaries between good and evil. He begins to question whether ghouls are solely monsters or whether there are possibilities for coexistence and understanding.

Another important facet of Amon’s character is his strong sense of justice. He is willing to make sacrifices and put himself in danger to protect those he believes to be innocent. His determination and unwavering will to do what is right make him admirable.

Amon goes through a remarkable development during the series. He questions his beliefs, explores his own identity, and tries to better understand the world around him. Top-tier character building right here!


Mado - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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Mado is known for his uncompromising attitude towards ghouls. He is ruthless and brutal in his hunt for them and has the reputation of being one of the toughest and most effective investigators in the CCG. Mado uses special ghoul hunter weapons to fight his enemies.

Mado is notorious for capturing and torturing ghouls to obtain information or eliminate them. His obsessive hunt for ghouls has led him to neglect his own family and be considered fanatical in the eyes of other investigators.

Despite his tough outward appearance, Mado is presented as a complex character. It is implied that he once had a loving relationship with his wife, who was also an investigator with the CCG. Her tragic fate and the impact of it on Mado provide insight into his motivations and the loss he has suffered.

Mado embodies the extreme hatred and prejudice towards ghouls in the series. He sees them as dangerous monsters that must be exterminated and is willing to go beyond moral boundaries to achieve his goal. His over-the-top rejection of ghouls contrasts the characters who recognize nuance and gray areas in their relationship with ghouls.

Shuu “The Gourmet” Tsukiyama

Shuu - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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Shuu belongs to a wealthy family and has developed a refined taste for life. He is known for his fondness of fine cuisine and considers eating ghouls as a kind of art form. Shuu is obsessed with hunting “special” ghouls and considers them delicacies.

Despite his initially charming and elegant appearance, Shuu hides a dark side. He is cruel, manipulative, and has little compassion for others. He is willing to walk over dead bodies to satisfy his culinary needs and pursue his own interests.

While Shuu initially appears self-centered and self-absorbed, human facets of his character are revealed as the series progresses. He develops a certain fascination with the emotions and connection to others he can experience as a ghoul. This development adds depth and complexity to his character.


Juuzou - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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Juuzou is known for his eccentric and childlike behavior, which contrasts sharply with his extreme brutality in combat. He has an unusual personality and an unconventional clothing style that consists of tattered and sewn-together fabrics. His appearance and behaviors make him a striking and distinctive character.

Juuzou was imprisoned in cruel circumstances as a child and brainwashed to make him an efficient ghoul hunter. This has caused him to lose his childlike innocence and develop a strange fascination with violence. He considers fighting ghouls almost like a game and takes an almost sadistic pleasure in hunting and killing them.

Despite his unpredictable nature, Juuzou is an extremely talented fighter. He is extremely skilled in close combat and has remarkable speed and agility. His fighting techniques are often unorthodox and surprising, making him a dangerous opponent for ghouls.

Throughout the series, Juuzou undergoes a certain development. He develops relationships with other characters that make him question his own identity and idea of right and wrong. These relationships allow him to discover a certain humanity and emotional depth he lost in his traumatic past.


Ayato - Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz

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He is the younger brother of Touka and a ghoul who is initially known as a member of Aogiri Tree.

Ayato is a rebellious and impulsive character who stands against the CCG and the humans. He is known for his aggressiveness and strong will to defend his freedom as a ghoul. Ayato considers humans enemies and is ready to fight against them to protect the ghouls’ interests.

As the series progresses, we learn more about Ayato’s backstory. It is revealed that he and his sister Touka had a difficult childhood and suffered from the circumstances of hiding their true identity as ghouls. These experiences have shaped Ayato into a distrustful and sometimes reckless character.

Although Ayato starts as an antagonist, his character develops during the series. He begins to show some consideration and responsibility towards others, especially his sister and other members of the Ghouls. He recognizes the importance of cooperation and solidarity in their fight against the CCG.

Throughout the series, Ayato also develops a complex relationship with Kaneki. They share similar experiences and a certain bond as ghouls, but their views and methods differ greatly. Their relationship swings between enmity and collaboration.

That should be enough characters to satisfy the majority of fans. And now have fun with my Which Tokyo Ghoul Character Are You Quiz!