Gravity Falls Quiz

How well do you know Gravity Falls?

Gravity Falls Quiz
How well do you know Gravity Falls? Try your best and prove that you can ace this Gravity Falls Quiz! 15 mixed questions about Gravity Falls are waiting for you to test your knowledge.

Welcome to a quiz about the popular animated TV series, Gravity Falls! The show centers around the adventures of two siblings, Dipper and Mabel Pines, as they spend their summer with their great-uncle Stan in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon. The town is full of secrets and supernatural creatures, and the siblings uncover them all with the help of their friends and family.

Throughout the show’s run, viewers became invested in the mystery of the town and its inhabitants, and the unique characters and intricate plotlines kept them coming back for more. From the enigmatic and mischievous Bill Cipher to the lovable and quirky Soos Ramirez, each character brought something special to the show and left a lasting impression on fans.

In this quiz, you’ll get the chance to test your knowledge of Gravity Falls and see just how much you remember from the show. With 15 questions covering everything from character names to episode titles to the show’s iconic theme song, there’s something for every fan to enjoy. So put on your thinking cap, grab a pen and paper, and let’s dive into the world of Gravity Falls!

You can’t force someone to love you. The best you can do is strive to be someone worthy of loving.’

About Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is a 2012 adventure series directed by Alex Hirsch and starring Kristen Schaal and Jason Ritter.

What is the series about? At first glance, the setting doesn’t promise anything special: the 12-year-old twins’ Dipper and Mabel Pines spend their (apparently very long) summer vacation with their Grunkle Stan in the resort town of Gravity Falls in Oregon. Grunkle Stan officially runs the Mystery Shack souvenir store for tourists there – but unofficially, he tries to pull money out of his customers’ pockets with every trick in the book. The good-natured Soos and the cool 15-year-old temp Wendy support him in his work.

At second glance, however, there is much different about Gravity Falls because nothing in the village is normal! The series lives from its warmth, ingenuity, and especially the two main characters, above all the young Mabel Pines, who often steals the show from her twin brother Dipper. Mabel is voiced by Kristen Schaal, who has already made a name for herself in many comedy series (including 30 Rock and Flight of the Concords) with her unmistakably shrill voice.

Mabel is also appropriately loud and bright, characterized by her curiosity, honesty, courage, and energy. She also differs visually from other female characters in the usual series formats, with her eye-catching wool sweaters, usually printed with animal pictures, her fixed braces, and her pet pig Waddles. Of course, Mabel’s image thus somewhat resembles the stereotype of a nerd, yet one quickly forgives this due to the charm this little girl exudes throughout. (Pre-)adolescent, she has a keen interest in boys and boy bands, but this is portrayed playfully because Mabel is always self-confident in dealing with her fellow men and remains true to herself. She doesn’t pretend to please others when dealing with boys, nor with the ‘cool’ girls from the neighborhood, who look down on Mabel because of her manner and clothes.


Together with her twin brother Dipper, voiced by Jason Ritter, it is mostly Mabel who bravely and impartially faces the adventures to be experienced. In contrast, her brother acts as a rational counterpart who wants to uncover the secrets of the village Gravity Falls and its inhabitants (it’s not only humans and animals) with the help of a found book.

Dipper is adventurous and questions what is happening around him. He is also struggling with the first symptoms of puberty: he is unhappily in love with the older and out-of-touch temp Wendy. In his attempts to impress Wendy, however, Dipper acts less confidently than his sister. Fortunately, Dipper also keeps returning to his true, childlike self. Mainly with the help of his sister, who encourages him just to be who he is. (Everyone should have a Mabel!).

But the other characters and supporting players in Gravity Falls are also great fun: Grunkle Stan, the grumpy wimp but a good guy at heart, and Soos, the gullible helper in the gift store. He’s friends with Dipper despite the age difference, and the combination of adventurousness, childishness, and the right age for a driver’s license, make him a perfect partner for the twins in Adventures.

The fact that ‘Gravity Falls’ has gained such a large fan base in such a short time and that new pages are being created on the Internet almost daily certainly has something to do with the many allusions and symbols that run through the series and make the hearts of conspiracy-lovers, and friends of the Illuminati beat faster.

For example, there are numerous references to the Freemasons, as well as occult allusions, among other things, in the absolutely great opening credits, which, by the way, you can watch both forward and backward – both versions work perfectly. If you listen carefully, you will also hear a whispering voice at the end, conveying a message to the viewers but not revealed here. Again and again, while watching the series, one comes across little pictures or signs that seem to have a deeper meaning and suggest a larger context within the overall plot. With the help of a book that wants to enlighten those schemes, Dipper and Mabel try to gradually get behind the mysterious world of Gravity Falls. Too bad that the two are not the only ones possessing such a book…


Finally, in the end credits, a ciphered code is hidden between each of the credits, which contains messages to the viewers and thus pushes the mystery of ‘Gravity Falls’ further and further. All of this seems to be the perfect lure for forming a loyal fan base.

At the same time, the series works both with symbolism and without it. Those who are not interested in it can safely ignore the allusions. Nevertheless, deviations from the norm in the form of different creatures or sci-fi elements are incorporated into the plot and not rejected. Time travel? Yes, what else? Dwarves? Of course! That’s why every episode is still fun to watch, even after the second, third, or even fourth time, because you always discover new allusions or symbols and simply can’t get enough of them.

This creativity in dealing with characters and plot events makes ‘Gravity Falls’ something wonderfully refreshing within the drawn series world. Because although you never know at the beginning of an episode where it will lead to the end, the series is never exhausting or overdone, like, for example, one or two episodes of ‘Adventure Time.’ The mixture of adventure, craziness, and great characters is wonderfully balanced, so ‘Gravity Falls’ has something to offer every series fan. You can also tell that everyone involved is having a blast with their ‘work’ – all that positive energy just carries over when you watch.