Nen Type Quiz

What Nen Type Do You Have – Find It Out With This Quiz!

Nen Type Quiz
Nen Type Quiz

Hunter x Hunter is by FAR my favorite Shounen anime. For me, be it the 1999 adaptation or the 2011 remake, Hunter x Hunter is and remains a masterpiece, especially in the Shounen genre. The anime was adapted from the manga of the same name by Yoshihiro Togashi.

Yoshihiro Togashi is also the mastermind behind Yu Yu Hakusho, another incredibly good shounen anime that didn’t really get the attention it deserves. The manga differs from the anime in certain plots. In my opinion, one of the bigger differences is that the manga is way more gory.

Another fairly rare difference is that the anime had a “clear” ending, but the manga does not. This gives anime-only fans a complete story, whereas manga readers still hope for an ending. As an anime watcher and manga reader, I don’t think it is a bad thing. It gives me more to look forward to because, as I mentioned before, Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece in my eyes.

The reason that the manga hasn’t finished after such a long time is probably because it has been, over the 25 years of its first issue, on hiatus, damn often. The last one was from 2019 to October 2022, and shortly after that, the next hiatus was announced for an indefinite period.

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We probably all know about Yoshihiro Togashi’s illness, which started while working on Yu Yu Hakusho. In 2022 he first revealed that he could not sit on a chair and even had to draw lying down due to his back and hip problems. This is what I call dedication! As unfortunate as it is when the manga takes an indefinite break, Yoshihiro Togashi’s health is still more important.

Even if we don’t get a weekly issue of Hunter x Hunter, I’m relieved that the long run is being remembered and that Yoshihiro Togashi is certainly finishing the manga. As I said, this man is pure dedication!

Nen Type Quiz

And that brings us to the Nen type quiz. The power system is one of the many aspects of why I think Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece. For me, Hunter x Hunter has the best power system in Shounen, probably in all of anime. This is thanks to Nen.

Nen is the life energy that every living creature possesses. Nen users can manipulate this life energy, also known as “aura.” If the person does not control their Nen, the pores are closed. If the person controls their Nen, the pores are open, and the person can control them at will and let as much aura flow out as they want. However, one should be careful not to lose too much Nen at once because Nen is equivalent to life energy. If you use too much, you may become unconscious or even die.

To master Nen perfectly, one must be able to master the basics of Nen. First, the pores in the body must be opened. There are two known methods for this so far. The first method: One opens the pores slowly with the help of meditation and exercises. The second method: It is a shortcut. A person who has already mastered Nen applies Ren to the person who is to open his pores (This is how Wing did it with Gon and Killua).

The shock opens all the pores. However, this method is not recommended because the person receiving the shock may die in the process if the Nen user is acting with hostile intent and/or is untrained. Of course, this is only a very rough summary of Nen. It is sooo much more extensive, but if I went into it, this article would be five times as long. If you want to read more about Nen, I recommend this article.

What Nen type am I?

What Nen type are you if you were in Hunter x Hunter? We should first look at all the existing Nen types to answer this question. The most common Nen type test to identify your Nen type is through Water Divination. Here, water is placed in a glass with a leaf floating. A student then places his hands around the glass and exercises Ren. The effect of touching the aura can be assigned to a Nen type.

The 6 Nen types


Gon - Nen Type Quiz

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First, we would have the Enhancers. People with the Nen type Enhancement can improve their physical and mental strength. They are often ambitious, disciplined, and have great stamina. These persons are usually focused, determined, and have high willpower.

Enhancer strive to improve their skills and personal development continuously. An Enhancer is recognized through Water Divination by the fact that the volume of water changes. Gon, for example, is an Enhancer.


Killua - Nen Type Quiz

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Nen users of the Nen type Transmutation can change the properties of their Nen power, transforming it into another form or substance. These people are often flexible, adaptable, and have a playful nature. They may have a creative mindset and be able to adapt quickly to new situations.

Transmuter may also be able to influence their environment and use unpredictable strategies. A Transmuter is recognized through Water Divination by the fact that the taste of water changes. In Killua’s case, for example, the water became sweet, and thus Wing knew that he had an affinity for the Nen type Transmutation.


Illumi - Nen Type Quiz

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Nen users with Nen type Manipulation can control and manipulate other people or objects. They are often strategic, intelligent, and have good observational skills. These persons might tend to dominate and control but also be adept at influencing people and manipulating situations.

Manipulator are usually goal-oriented and know how to steer others in their favor. When the tide moves in Water Divination, it is a Manipulator. A well-known Manipulator is Illumi Zoldyck, Killua’s brother.


Kurapika - Nen Type Quiz

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People with the Conjuration Nen type can create material objects or beings out of nothing. They are often creative, imaginative, and have a strong imagination. Those people may tend to perfection and attention to detail.

Conjurer are usually very focused and can create complex things and influence their surroundings. When impurities appear in the water during Water Divination, you know it’s a Conjurer. A well-known Conjurer is Kurapika.


Leorio - Nen Type Quiz

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Nen type Emission allows users to radiate their Nen power from their body and release it as energy waves or projections. Persons with the Nen-type Emission are often energetic, impulsive, and have a strong sense of expression.

Emitter tend to externalize their emotions and thoughts easily and can have a strong presence. You can recognize an Emitter by how the water changes color during Water Divination. A well-known Emitter is Leorio.


Alluka - Nen Type Quiz

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People with the Specialization Nen type often have unique and individual abilities that do not fit into the other categories. These people may have a very specific gift or talent that strongly influences their personality.

The character of a person with this Nen type can therefore vary greatly and depend on other factors such as interests, motivations, and personal characteristics. You can recognize a Specialist by the fact that some effect is caused during Water Divination other than those already mentioned. A well-known Specialist is Killua’s sister, Alluka.

These are the 6 main Nen types. Did you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions? If so, take the Nen Type quiz and see how good your intuition is.