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How much do you remember after 10 years ?!- only 40% ace this quiz!

Bleach Quiz
Bleach Quiz

I remember watching the first episode of Bleach – I was immediately fascinated and invested in the anime. I’m sure you felt the same way if you’re reading this. When I was done with Bleach, I just wondered, “How can the anime end here? Is there really not another season?” I think many people felt the same way I did, and luckily we still had the manga, which I read right away. But after almost TEN! years of waiting and hoping, we finally got a continuation of the anime.

That’s how it often goes in the anime business. You think there’s nothing more to come, and then you’re surprised with a new season out of nowhere. It was the same with Chihayafuru (If you don’t know the anime, watch it!) – almost SEVEN! years have passed between the second and third season.

Not that I’m complaining, because I love Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. From the animation to the plot, I love everything about it. Even though I already know the story, having read the manga, it’s been a while, and just nice to see the whole thing animated.

And that’s exactly why I thought, why not make a Bleach Quiz for my fellow Bleach fans out there. 20 Bleach-related questions await you – from easy to hard. However, it’s all about the anime, including the latest season, Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. If you’ve watched and read both, like I have, you’ll know there are some differences.

That’s why I thought an anime-only Bleach quiz would be better. Also, I don’t want to spoil anyone either. This way, we are all on the same page. So, find out how much you still know about Bleach after ten long years and if it’s time to rewatch the anime 😉.

Soul Society

Since the latest season of Bleach, Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, is about a war between Quincy and Shinigami, mainly in the Shinigami world, I thought I’d take a closer look at Soul Society and its various aspects.

In Bleach, the Shinigami are spiritual warriors who not only have the task of guiding souls to the afterlife but also of maintaining the balance between the different worlds. And this is where the Soul Society comes into play. It is a majestic realm, a dimension of spiritual energy where the Shinigami unleash their powers and fulfill their mission.

However, the Soul Society is more than just a setting for battles. It is a society with a complex hierarchy and fascinating traditions. Within it are different districts that have their own characteristics. Here, you’ll find the Gotei 13, an organization that consists of thirteen divisions and is led by powerful captains. These captains are not only outstanding warriors but also guardians of order and peace in Soul Society.

Gotei 13 - Bleach Quiz

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However, Soul Society is not without its challenges and conflicts. While the Shinigami fulfill their duties and fight Hollows, powerful enemies try to destroy the world every now and then. This is also exactly what we see in Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. This time it’s the Quincys trying to wipe out Soul Society and the Shinigami.

In this article, I’ll dive deep into the Soul Society, reveal its secrets, and explore its importance to the plot of Bleach. You’ll learn about the Shinigami’s hierarchy, functions, and duties. In addition, I’ll explore the unique culture, traditions, and outstanding events in Soul Society. Are you ready to open the gates to Soul Society and reveal the secrets of this captivating world? Then join me on this journey through dimensions and dive into the fascinating universe of Bleach!

Soul Society, its physical appearance and atmosphere

Soul Society - Bleach Quiz

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Welcome to Soul Society, a place of incomparable beauty and deep complexity at the same time. This mystical dimension in Bleach is the home of the Shinigami and plays a crucial role in the balance of worlds between life and death. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this fascinating dimension’s physical appearance and atmosphere.

Soul Society stretches across an expansive landscape of majestic buildings, magnificent gardens, and vast, peaceful fields. Soul Society’s architecture reflects ancient Japanese elements. Tall towers, monumental temples, and ornate bridges give Soul Society a breathtaking aesthetic.

Complexity and secrets of Soul Society

But behind the outer beauty hides a complex and mysterious world. Soul Society consists of various districts with their own characteristics and peculiarities. Seireitei, the Central District, and Sōkyoku Hill are the most famous districts. The Seireitei is the heart of the Soul Society and houses the Shinigami Headquarters and Gotei 13. It is where the Shinigami’s living quarters, training facilities, and meeting halls are located and where important decisions are made.

The Central District is where the Central 46 is headquartered. This council of 46 members establishes the laws and rules of Soul Society and oversees their observance. The decisions of the Central 46 have far-reaching effects on the lives of the shinigami and the balance of the worlds. Sōkyoku Hill is a sacred place where important rituals and executions take place. It symbolizes the strength and spiritual power of the Soul Society.

The atmosphere at Soul Society is one of mystery and reverence. The spiritual energy, called Reishi, permeates the air and creates an aura of mysticism. In the streets of Soul Society, one can hear the silent footsteps of the shinigami as they perform their duties and guide souls. Soul Society exudes a blend of respect, discipline, and a strong sense of community that unites the shinigami in their pursuit of justice and balance protection.

The Soul Society is a place that both fascinates and challenges. Its majestic beauty and the complexity surrounding it make it a central element in the world of Bleach. The different districts of Soul Society add diversity to the dimension and clarify its multilayered structure.

Cultural aspects and traditions of Soul Society.


Soul Society in Bleach also has rich cultural aspects and traditions. These aspects give the dimension a unique atmosphere and shape the lives of the Shinigami. Let’s take a look at some of these cultural elements.

Honor and pride play a central role in Shinigami culture. The Shinigami consider their duty as spiritual warriors and guardians of balancing life and death a great honor. They take pride in conscientiously fulfilling their duties and protecting the human world and the Soul Society. This pride is reflected in their behavior, discipline, and dedication.

Soul Society also has various special events and festivals that are celebrated. One of these events is the Jūshirō Ukitake Memorial Ceremony, a memorial service in honor of the late Captain Ukitake Jūshirō. This ceremony marks respect and appreciation for his service and contribution to the Soul Society.

Ukitake Death - Bleach Quiz

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Another significant celebration in the Soul Society is the Seireitei Festival. This festival is celebrated to celebrate the cohesion and strength of the Shinigami. During the festival, various events and competitions are held to showcase the skills and talents of the Shinigami. It is a time of togetherness, joy, and pride in their culture and duties.

Seireitei Festival - Bleach Quiz

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Tradition also plays an important role in Soul Society. One such tradition is the sword ceremony, in which a Shinigami releases his zanpakuto and renews his bond with it. This ceremony symbolizes the bond between the shinigami and their zanpakuto, which is considered an extension of their own spiritual energy.

The culture of the Shinigami in Soul Society is characterized by pride, honor, tradition, and an awareness of their role as guardians of the balance between life and death. These cultural aspects create a deep bond among the Shinigami and shape their identity. They give Soul Society a special atmosphere of respect, discipline, joy, and pride.

That’s pretty much all you can say about Soul Society. As you’ve already noticed while reading, Soul Society is an incredible place, and I myself was fascinated by it when I first saw it in the anime. And now I wish you a lot of fun with my Bleach Quiz 😉