One Piece Bounty Quiz

Can you name their bounties without looking it up?

one piece bounty quiz
How well do you know the One Piece Characters Bounties’? Can you name their bounties without looking it up? Let’s see how many you get out of 19 taking this One Piece Bounty Quiz!

Welcome to the world of One Piece, where adventure and excitement await at every turn! In this vast universe created by Eiichiro Oda, pirates reign supreme, and the treasure hunt is never-ending. Among the many challenges that pirates face are the bounties placed on their heads, offering immense rewards for their capture or demise.

If you’re a fan of One Piece, you already know that these bounties are a crucial part of the story, measuring a pirate’s strength and reputation. From the fearsome Yonko to the newest rookies, each pirate’s bounty reflects their power and the threat they pose to the World Government.

Now, it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with a One Piece bounty quiz! Do you know which pirate has the highest bounty in the series? Can you name the members of the Worst Generation and their bounties? How about the infamous Shichibukai and their rewards?

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the world of One Piece, this quiz will challenge your knowledge and test your memory of the series’ most iconic bounties. So gather your crew, set sail, and see if you have what it takes to become the ultimate One Piece bounty hunter!

‘No matter how hard or impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal.

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What is The One Piece Bounty Quiz?

The One Piece Bounty Quiz is an exciting and challenging quiz for fans of the popular manga and anime series, One Piece. The quiz is designed to test the fans’ knowledge of the bounties issued for various characters in the series.

In One Piece, bounties are monetary rewards offered for the capture or defeat of pirates or other criminals. These bounties serve as an indication of a character’s strength and notoriety, and they are an essential aspect of the series’ narrative.

The One Piece Bounty Quiz consists of multiple-choice questions that feature images of various characters and their bounties. Players must correctly identify the character and their bounty amount. The questions range in difficulty, with some featuring well-known characters such as Luffy and Zoro, while others may feature more obscure characters that only true One Piece fans will recognize.

You can play it alone or with friends, and it is a great way for fans to test their knowledge of the series while having fun at the same time. One of the key benefits of the One Piece Bounty Quiz is that it allows fans to deepen their understanding of the One Piece world. The bounties are an essential part of the series, and identifying each character’s bounty amount can help fans better understand One Piece’s power dynamics and hierarchy.

Additionally, the quiz is a fantastic way for fans to engage with each other and share their love of the series. Fans can challenge each other to see who can get the most questions right or share their favorite characters and why they like them.

The One Piece Bounty Quiz is a challenging and exciting way for fans of the series to test their knowledge and deepen their understanding of the world of One Piece. Whether played alone or with friends, the quiz is sure to provide hours of entertainment for fans of all ages.

Bounties in One Piece

The Navy issues all bounties. The reason there are such rewards in the first place is simple: the often high amounts offered to criminals tempt many people to become active as bounty hunters and hunt down pirates. The amount of the bounty depends entirely on the previous deeds and is a measure of several criteria that all contribute to the final sum.

Thus, among other things, the bounty can be used to infer the approximate strengths and abilities of the pirate. However, a more critical factor is the danger one poses to the world government. An excellent example is Nico Robin, on whose head a bounty of 79,000,000 berries was placed at the age of eight, not because she was particularly strong, but because she could read the poneglyphs and thus became a danger to the world government.

Also, the bounty is related to how brutal someone is against civilians. A pirate who constantly attacks islands and kills civilians thus poses a much more significant global threat to world peace than one who fights exclusively against other pirates. Other than strength, danger, and violence against civilians, the final deciding factor is how active someone is against the navy or world government.

Usually, pirates do not seek open confrontation with the world government alone but only defend themselves against naval attacks in an emergency. However, a force has made it its goal to overthrow the world government – the so-called Revolutionary Army, whose leader, Monkey D. Dragon is the most wanted man in the world. If a person declares war on the world government and attacks the Navy more often, this also affects the amount of the bounty.

It is also interesting to note that according to the agents of the Baroque Works in Whisky Peak, the reward drops by 30% when a pirate is delivered dead to the government, as it is a sign of the world government’s power to publicly execute famous pirates and thus intimidate other pirates. For most pirates, a high bounty is an honor, such as for Luffy, who was enormously pleased with his first bounty of 30,000,000 berries. Sanji and Chopper were even disappointed at the beginning that none or too low a bounty was placed on them. However, there are also exceptions, such as Captain Kuro. He was annoyed by being hunted by the navy every day because of his bounty of 16,000,000 berry in the East Blue.

East Blue and Grand Line

While in the East Blue, the average bounty is just about 3,000,000 berry, and with a bounty of over 10,000,000 berry, one belongs to the big ones. On the Grand Line, one is respected by his rivals only with a much higher amount. For example, Arlong was considered the most dangerous and strongest pirate of the East Blue since his bounty was 20,000,000 berry, but he would be a nobody with such a small amount on the Grand Line.

Whether you are respected on the Grand Line with your bounty depends entirely on how far you have advanced and what other pirates are still in the area. Bellamy was considered a rookie with his bounty of 55,000,000 berry on Jaya and was respected by all the other pirates. Still, he was nothing compared to Donquixote Doflamingo, whose former bounty of 340,000,000 berry is much higher. Doflamingo made that clear by unceremoniously wounding him by severely defiling his mark.

After defeating the Warlord of the Sea, Sir Crocodile, Luffy’s bounty increased to a whopping 100,000,000 berry, which suggested that he now had a certain name. Still, Aokiji dismissed this because, according to him, a bounty of over one hundred million berry is nothing special. After Luffy defeated the leader of the secret world government organization CP9, Rob Lucci, and declared war on the world government with his actions in Enies Lobby, his bounty tripled and was among the largest known at the time at 300,000,000 Berry. However, as it turns out on Sabaody Archipelago, this is nothing special, as bounties of this magnitude are common. Such pirates on their way to the New World, like the Supernovae, are still ridiculed by the upper ranks of Navy HQ, as they are still considered rookies.

The hypothetically highest known bounty of the first half of the Grand Line would have been Enel for a long time, whose head, according to Eiichiro Oda, would be worth a whopping 500,000,000 berries if he were to make his mischief on the Grand Line. But he also added that there were much tougher guys there than him. So that bounty was eventually replaced at the top of the known bounties by the March 2012 announcement of the 550,000,000 berry on Ace.

In the second half of the Grand Line, the New World, pirates with bounties of a billion berry and even more appeared for the first time. Each of them held a high position in the force of one of the Four Emperors. Currently unknown is especially the bounty of the most wanted man in the world, Revolutionary Army leader Monkey D. Dragon.