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Twilight Quiz
How much do you actually know about the world of Twilight? Try your best and prove that you can ace this Twilight Quiz! 20 mixed questions about Twilight are waiting for you to test your knowledge.

Welcome to the Twilight Quiz! The Twilight Saga, written by Stephenie Meyer, is one of the most popular young adult book series and movie franchises ever. It follows the love story between Bella Swan, a human girl, and Edward Cullen, a vampire. The series is set in Forks, a small town in Washington State, and is filled with romance, action, and supernatural elements.

This Twilight Quiz consists of 20 questions, each with four possible answers. The quiz covers various topics, including the Twilight series characters, plot points, and setting. You’ll be challenged to recall important details from the books and movies and test your knowledge of the vampire and werewolf mythology that is central to the Twilight universe.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the books and movies or a newcomer to the series, this quiz will put your knowledge to the test. Are you a true Twilight expert? Can you name all the members of the Cullen family? Do you know which vampire has the power to track people by their scent? Take the Twilight Quiz to find out!

So, get ready to dive into the world of Twilight and put your knowledge to the test. Good luck!

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About Twilight

The Twilight Saga is based on the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer. The four Twilight books by the bestselling author, whose stories served as a template for the films, were published in the USA between 2005 and 2008. Even though Stephenie Meyer wrote more novellas and chapters about the characters from Twilight, she could never match the success of the first four novels, and some of the content was only published online.

In addition, since 2020, there has been one more book without a film adaptation so far: ‘Midnight Sun’ tells the story of Bella and Edward from Edward’s point of view and was extremely successful after its release. So it’s no wonder the author is planning even more upcoming books.

All Twilight Movies in Chronological Order

Twilight (2008) – Against her will, 17-year-old Bella moves from sunny Phoenix to live with her father in the dreary, rainy town of Forks. There she meets the mysterious Edward, who has taken a particular liking to her. This does not seem to be mutual at first. He behaves towards Bella very cool and dismissive. His behavior is explained when Edward reveals the dark secret: he is a vampire and fears that he will be unable to resist Bella’s blood scent. However, this cannot deter Bella, and the two become a couple.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) – After Bella’s 18th birthday incident, in which Bella injures herself, the Cullen vampire family decides to leave Forks. They do not want to endanger Bella further with their presence. The separation from her beloved Edward throws Bella into a severe depression. Only her friendship with the werewolf Jacob Black helps her to draw new strength. When Jacob falls in love with Bella, she asks whether she should continue holding on to Edward or if Jacob is the better choice. While Bella struggles with her feelings, Edward travels to Volterra, Italy, to be killed by the powerful Volturi vampire family. Because of a misunderstanding, he believes Bella has died. Bella and the vampire Alice Cullen travel to Italy to save Edward.

Eclipse (2010) – To be united with Edward for all eternity, Bella also wants to become a vampire. Edward agrees only on the condition that Bella marries him. The wedding and transformation will take place after Bella’s high school graduation. Jacob, however, is not yet ready to give up his love for Bella, and the love triangle continues to intensify. Meanwhile, a series of crimes in neighboring Seattle draws the attention of the Cullens and the werewolf clan. It turns out that an army of newborn vampires is targeting Bella. To protect her, werewolves and vampires must now overlook their differences and prepare for battle together.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011) – Much to the displeasure of Edwards and Jacobs, Bella and vampire father Carlisle Cullen plan Bella’s transformation after the upcoming wedding. After the ceremony, the newly married couple leaves for their honeymoon. Despite the high risk of injury, Bella can convince Edward to spend the wedding night with her. To their surprise, the still-human Bella becomes pregnant. Since pregnancy with a fetus half vampire and half human is too dangerous, Edward tries to convince Bella to have an abortion. But Bella remains persistent. At the last moment, Edward manages to turn Bella into a vampire during the birth and thus save her life.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012) – The new vampire Bella must first get her powers under control to see her daughter Renesmée for the first time. She doesn’t yet know that her daughter’s birth has set off a chain of events that puts her family in great danger. The Volturi are on the march to kill the little girl. The Cullens rally their friends for one last fateful battle. Vampires with special abilities, like the good-natured Benjamin and the werewolf clan, must now pull together to save the extraordinary family.

Main Characters in Twilight

Isabella ‘Bella’ Marie Cullen, born Swan.

Isabella Marie Swan, known as Bella, born September 13, 1987, in Forks, is the daughter of Charlie Swan and Renée Dwyer. Her parents separated soon after birth, so she grew up with her mother in Phoenix and visited her father in Forks only during school vacations.

At 17, she moved from Phoenix to Forks because her mother married a professional baseball player and later coach, Phil Dwyer, and wants to move with him. In Forks, she attends Forks High School, where she soon meets and falls in love with the vampire Edward Cullen. The two marry when Bella is 18 and, on their honeymoon, father their child, Renesmee Carlie (Cullen), a half-vampire with supernatural abilities.

During childbirth, Bella almost dies and can only be saved by Edward, turning her into a vampire. After her transformation, she lives with her husband and child in the family circle of the Cullen clan. It turns out that she not only has the superhuman abilities typical of vampires, such as strength, endurance, agility, and enormous perceptiveness, but also can create a kind of protective shield, which can protect her and other people from supernatural forces of hostile vampires, and that she has supernatural self-control, and thus as a newborn can resist the blood of humans.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

Edward Cullen was born Edward Anthony Masen Jr. on June 20, 1901. During an epidemic of Spanish flu in Chicago in 1918, his parents died. His mother asked Carlisle Cullen to save her son. Carlisle was a doctor at the hospital where she was. Out of pity for Edward, he then turned him into a vampire. He has the gift of being able to read the minds of other living beings. An exception to this is Bella because her thoughts remain hidden from Edward.

Edward meets Bella and also falls in love with her. In a later part of the movie series, they married. After the birth of their daughter Renesmee, he turns Bella into a vampire to save her from death. Edward is musically gifted and very well-read. He also likes sports cars, like almost all members of the Cullen clan.

Jacob ‘Jake’ Black

Jacob is a young indigenous man from the Quileute tribe living on the La Push Native American reservation. Because his father is friends with Charlie Swan, Jacob and Bella have known each other since childhood. He first points out to Bella that the Cullens are ‘cold ones’ (the Quileute’s term for vampires). Since the Quileute are enemies with vampires, he disapproves of Bella’s relationship with Edward, which is reinforced by his love for her. His rejection of the Cullens intensifies after he learns his true identity since Jacob is a werewolf. He can turn into a wolf at will. According to an old Quileute legend, the transformation process begins when the “cold ones” appear nearby and thus ‘threaten’ the tribe. Although Bella also has strong feelings for Jacob, she still chooses Edward. Even then, Jacob continues to try to be a good friend to Bella.

For her, he leaves his wolf pack when they decide to kill Bella’s unborn child Renesmee. He cannot accept this since the pack would also have to kill Bella. After the birth, he soon realizes there is no danger from Renesmee because Jacob ‘imprints himself on her.’ This means he is attracted to her in a special way and knows he can only spend his life with her. Jacob manages to forge a friendly alliance between the Cullens and the Quileute wolves so that the wolves stand by the Cullens in the impending battle against the Volturi (the leading vampire family). During this confrontation, it turns out that the Quileute are shapeshifters who can take the form of wolves, but not werewolves in the strict sense. Thus, despite the historically grown enmity between vampires and werewolves, a friendship between the Quileute and the Cullens can develop.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen

Renesmee is the child of Bella and Edward. Since Bella was still human at the time of her conception, she is half human, half vampire. Thus, she has a beating heart that pumps blood through her veins and the special abilities of vampires. She grows much faster than normal humans and can talk and walk after only a few weeks. Based on the experience of another half-vampire, it is assumed that she will be fully grown at about seven years old and can live much longer than ordinary humans without aging. She can feed on blood, like the vampires, and human food. Renesmee has a gift similar to her father, which means she can communicate her thoughts to others by touching them. Her two first names are made up of her grandmothers’ first names (Renée and Esme) and her grandfathers’ first names (Carlisle and Charlie). She gets the nickname ‘Nessie’ from Jacob Black.