Blue Lock Quiz – What Blue Lock Character Am I?

What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz
What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

Blue Lock is a manga series by author Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrator Yusuke Nomura. The series was first published in August 2018 and is very popular in Japan. Due to its popularity, an anime adaptation was released in October 2022. This was taken on by the studio K.K. Eight Bit. From this studio, we also got, in my opinion, one of the best isekai anime – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

If you ask yourself, “What Blue Lock Character Am I?” you’ve come to the right place. But first, let me briefly summarize the plot of Blue Lock.

Blue Lock is about an alternate reality in which Japanese soccer is in crisis. To overcome the weakness of Japanese soccer, a unique training program called Blue Lock is created. The program gathers talented strikers from all over Japan and locks them in a specially designed facility. The goal is to find the best striker to represent the country internationally.

The series’ protagonist is Yoichi Isagi, a talented soccer player who participates in the Blue Lock project. The story follows Isagi and the other participants as they compete in intense training sessions and competitions to improve their skills and eventually become the best striker. Check out which Blue Lock character you can get:

Blue Lock Characters

Yoichi Isagi

Yoichi Isagi - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Yoichi Isagi is a talented striker with a passionate love for soccer.

He stands out for his strong will and tireless work ethic. Although initially seen as unimpressive and inferior, he is not discouraged by this and works hard to improve his skills. Yoichi is willing to go beyond his limits and constantly work on himself to achieve his dreams.

His incredible ability to stand his ground in difficult situations sets Yoichi apart from other players. He has a natural talent for recognizing the right moment and scoring goals at crucial moments. His presence on the pitch is unmissable, and he can motivate and inspire his teammates.

Another notable quality of Yoichi is his team spirit and ability to work well with others. He understands the importance of cooperation and teamwork and works hard for the good of the team. Yoichi realizes that true strength lies in individual brilliance and the ability to communicate with others and act as a unit.

Throughout the story, Yoichi experiences a personal development in which he improves his playing skills and gains self-confidence and mental strength. He learns to overcome his fears and insecurities and pursue his dreams with determination and resolve.

Rin Itoshi

Rin Itoshi - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Rin Itoshi is a fascinating character with a complex personality. As a talented striker, Rin has an extraordinary talent for soccer and aspires to be the best goal scorer.

Rin is characterized by his icy aloofness and cool attitude toward others. He is often reserved and does not easily let anyone get close to him. However, behind this apparent coldness lies a deep passion and a relentless will to achieve his goals.

His exceptional game intelligence and tactical understanding set Rin apart from other players. He can analyze the game and identify the weaknesses of the opponent’s defense. He can score decisive goals and inspire his teammates with his precision and sense for the right moment.

As the story progresses, Rin develops and gradually opens up to his teammates. He realizes that soccer is not just an individual sport but a team game based on cooperation and trust. Rin learns to trust in his teammates and see them as important support while working to improve his own skills. Rin’s character development and journey in the Blue Lock project make him a fascinating character. His quest for perfection and his inner transformation shows that soccer is not only about individual skills but also about emotional growth and the acceptance of teamwork.

Reo Mikage

Reo Mikage - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Reo Mikage is a fearless and determined soccer player. He is known for his fighting spirit and uncompromising dedication to achieving his goals.

Reo stands out for his exceptional technical skills. His touch on the ball and accurate passing is impressive, making him a key player in the build-up game. He can control the game and set up his teammates with accurate passes and clever moves.

His unwavering determination to always get on top sets Reo apart from other players. He has an intuitive winning mentality and accepts nothing less than success. Reo is willing to give his all and go beyond his limits to achieve his goals and reach his full potential.

Despite his ambitious nature, Reo is also a team player. He understands the importance of cooperation and trust within a team. He is ready to work hard for his teammates and help them improve their abilities.

Reo’s character development in Blue Lock is as remarkable as his skill as a player. As the story progresses, he realizes that success depends not only on individual skills but also on the ability to work with others and take advantage of their strengths. This realization makes him broaden his perspective and become an even better player and teammate.

Yudai Imamura

Yudai Imamura - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Yudai Imamura is an energetic and passionate athlete with a natural soccer aptitude. From a young age, he has been passionate about the sport and has pursued his dream of becoming an outstanding player.

What sets Yudai apart from other players is his impressive speed and agility on the field. He can overcome defenders and effectively set up his teammates with his quick sprints and strong feel for the ball.

In addition, Yudai stands out for his positive attitude and team spirit. He is a motivational leader who encourages and supports his teammates. Yudai firmly believes that true strength lies in cohesion and that a team that works together is unbeatable.

Although he already has many natural abilities, Yudai is determined to continue improving his skills and constantly work on himself. He takes training sessions seriously and is willing to take on new challenges to take his game to the next level.

Yudai’s character structure and athletic ability make him an inspiring figure in Blue Lock. His determination, team spirit, and dedication to soccer show that success in sports is not only based on individual performance but also on cooperation and support.

Rensuke Kunigami

Rensuke Kunigami - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Rensuke stands out for his speed, agility, and technical skills. With his skillful dribbling and accurate shooting, he can break through the opponent’s defense and score crucial goals. Rensuke has a keen eye for goal and can take advantage of opportunities to put the ball in the net.

What sets Rensuke apart from other players is his versatility and adaptability. He can adapt to different game situations and employ different play styles. Rensuke has a wide range of skills and can shine both as a solo striker and as part of a coordinated attacking line.

Despite his scoring prowess, Rensuke also displays good game awareness and can get his teammates involved. He recognizes the importance of playing together and working together to be successful. Rensuke is a player who is willing to put the ball down and make the best play for the team when necessary.

Throughout the story, Rensuke develops both playfully and personally. He learns to hone his skills further and improve his game. Rensuke also recognizes the importance of team spirit and hard work to achieve his goals.

Okuhito Lemon

Okuhito Lemon - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Okuhito Lemon is an exciting and dynamic figure who stands out with his unique style of play and personality.

Lemon stands out for his volatile character and cheeky demeanor. He is confident, even cocky at times, but that is part of his charm. With his unwavering confidence and playful wit, he can draw attention to himself and surprise his opponents.

What sets Lemon apart from other players is his explosive speed and ability to act with lightning speed. He dominates the game with his quick dribbles and precise passes. His unpredictable play makes him a challenge for the defense and gives his team an extra punch.

Despite his dazzling character, Lemon is also a team player. He understands the importance of playing together and is willing to work with his teammates to get the most out of every play. Lemon encourages and motivates his teammates, bringing playful ease to the team and allowing them to reach their full potential.

Throughout the story, Lemon experiences personal growth as he learns to tame his own arrogance and appreciate team spirit. He realizes that true strength is not only achieved through individual brilliance but also through the ability to fit into a team and work together.

Meguru Bachira

Meguru Bachira - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Meguru Bachira is a fascinating and versatile character in Blue Lock who delights with a unique style of play and an inspiring story. As a midfielder, he brings a mix of grace, strength, and strategic thinking to the field.

Meguru stands out for his incredible technique and ability to read the game. He masters dribbling with impressive precision and has a keen eye for the perfect pass. His outstanding skills make him a key player in the build-up play and enable him to use his teammates effectively.

His determined dedication and indomitable will to overcome obstacles set Meguru apart from other players. Despite his petite appearance, he is a fighter and will not let anything stop him. Meguru is determined to achieve his dreams and never gives up, even when the odds are stacked against him.

In addition to his impressive soccer skills, Meguru is also an inspiring personality. He is modest, humble, and always willing to learn from others. He values teamwork and encourages his teammates to do their best. Meguru is a natural leader and a source of motivation for her team. Throughout the story, Meguru undergoes a personal development in which he not only improves his soccer skills but also grows as a person. He learns to face his fears, believe in himself, and realize his full potential. His journey is an inspiring reminder that you can achieve anything with hard work, passion, and determination.

Jingo Raichi

Jingo Raichi - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Jingo Raichi is known for his impressive physical strength and aggressive style of play as a striker.

Jingo stands out for his imposing stature and athletic abilities. He is a player who skillfully uses his physical strength to dominate opponents and score goals. His shooting power is remarkable, and his attacking game is characterized by energy and determination.

What sets Jingo apart from other players is his assertiveness and unwavering will. He never gives up and fights hard to achieve his goals. Jingo is willing to take on physical challenges and uses his physical dominance to influence the game.

Despite his impressive appearance, Jingo also has a calm and thoughtful side. He thoroughly analyzes the gameplay and makes smart decisions to involve his teammates and contribute to success. Jingo is a team player who understands the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

Throughout the story, Jingo experiences a personal development in which he not only improves his playing skills but also gains maturity and mental growth. He realizes that true strength depends not only on physical power but also on tactical thinking and teamwork.

Hyoma Chigiri

Hyoma Chigiri - What Blue Lock Character Am I Quiz

© K.K. Eight Bit

Hyoma Chigiri is an interesting character who attracts attention with his unconventional playing style and mysterious character. As a striker, he brings a unique combination of skill, deception, and strategic thinking to the field.

Hyoma stands out for his elegant and fluid style of play. He masters dribbling with remarkable ease and skillfully uses his speed and agility to outsmart opponents. His movements are precise and calculated, and he knows how to read space and find gaps in the defense.

Hyoma’s ability to use deception and trickery to confuse his opponents sets him apart from other players. He has a variety of unpredictable movements and is a master of feints. Hyoma likes to play with his opponents’ expectations and always finds new ways to surprise them.

Despite his reserved and mysterious personality, Hyoma is also a team player. He is willing to work with his teammates and use their strengths to get the most out of every move. Hyoma is a tactically smart player who analyzes what is happening in the game and uses his teammates effectively.

As the story progresses, Hyoma gradually reveals more of his past and starts to open up to his teammates. He shows remarkable personal development, learning to build trust and share his abilities with others.

In my opinion, these are the most important characters in Blue Lock, and that’s why you’ll get one of these in my What Blue Lock Character Am I quiz.

Comparisons With Other Soccer Animes

Many people who watch Blue Lock have probably watched other soccer anime – at least, that’s the case for me. I started with Captain Tsubasa as my first soccer and sports anime. After that, it was Izuma Eleven’s turn. So I thought I’d try to compare the 2 with Blue Lock and try to discover similarities and differences and what makes Blue Lock so unique in the soccer genre, in my opinion.

Let’s start with the similarities:

  • Soccer is the main theme (pretty obvious): Blue Lock, Captain Tsubasa, and Inazuma Eleven are soccer anime with the sport at the center of the plot. They show young players’ ambition, passion, and challenges to achieve their soccer dreams.
  • Character Development: All three anime emphasizes the character development of their protagonists. The main characters go through personal growth processes, set goals, and work hard to improve their skills.

Now let’s move on to the differences:

  • Focus and playstyle: Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven focus mainly on the Shounen genre and emphasize spectacular and fantastic soccer action. Blue Lock, however, focuses more on psychological aspects, tactical depth, and developing the strikers’ individual skills.
  • Competition structure: In Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven, the focus is often on team competitions and tournaments in which different teams fight for victory. In Blue Lock, on the other hand, the focus is on intensive training and internal competitions within the Blue Lock project to find the best striker.

Finally, we come to the aspects that I think make Blue Lock unique:

  • Focus on strikers: While Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven cover various positions in soccer, Blue Lock highlights the striker as a key player. The series explores the psychological and technical aspects of strikers’ gameplay, as well as the search for an outstanding striker who can represent Japan internationally.
  • Intense psychological portrayal: Blue Lock distinguishes itself through its intense portrayal of the characters’ psychological struggles and competitive spirit. The series highlights the challenges, fears, and competition among participants in the Blue Lock project, creating an exciting and emotional dynamic.
  • Darker and more realistic tones: Compared to the more optimistic and fantastic styles of Captain Tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven, Blue Lock takes on a slightly darker and more realistic tone. The series focuses on the pressure of competition, the conflict between characters, and the hard decisions that must be made to achieve success.

As you can tell, Blue Lock is not your typical soccer anime and focuses more on psychological development and tactical depth. This is exactly what I like about Blue Lock and why I made the What Blue Lock Character Am I quiz. And now have fun with it 😉