Assassination Classroom Quiz – Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You?

Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz
Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz

If you’re wondering, “Which Assassination Classroom Character Am I?” you’ve come to the right place.

Assassination Classroom is a Japanese manga and anime series created by Yūsei Matsui. The story revolves around a class of students who have the task of assassinating their alien teacher, who has destroyed the moon and plans to destroy Earth as well. However, the alien teacher, called Koro-sensei, is exceptionally fast and strong, so it is a great challenge for the students to defeat him. However, while trying to kill their teacher, the students also learn from him and develop both academically and personally.

What I found quite hard was the death of Koro-Sensei. While we all knew it was going to happen, it hit me harder than I thought it would. What was even harder, though, was that Nagisa is a freaking boy… Probably the best trap in anime to date. But let’s get back to the quiz. Check out who you can get in my Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz.

Characters in Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz


Koro-Sensei - Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz

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He is an alien creature shaped like a yellow tentacle-like creature with a smiling face. He is about three meters tall and has extraordinary superhuman speed, reflexes, and regeneration abilities.

Although Koro-sensei is a potential threat to humanity, he shows a sincere interest in the welfare of his students. He uses his exceptional abilities to help them in various subjects and to help them grow both academically and personally. He is patient, compassionate, and motivating, recognizing each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

As the story progresses, Koro-sensei’s students develop a close bond with him and begin to see him not just as a threat but as a teacher and mentor. They learn important lessons from him about life, friendship, cooperation, and overcoming obstacles. Although their main goal is to kill him, a profound relationship develops between Koro-sensei and the students.

Nagisa aka biggest trap in anime history

Nagisa - Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz

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Nagisa has a rather shy and reserved personality that often makes him seem inconspicuous. With his blue hair and rather feminine appearance, he stands out a bit on the outside (yeah….).

Despite his outward appearance, Nagisa is a remarkable student with great potential. He is intelligent, a strategic thinker, and has keen powers of observation. Throughout the story, he develops into an outstanding assassin and takes a key role in the attempts to kill Koro-sensei.

Nagisa greatly admires Koro-sensei and considers him an important mentor and role model. He will do anything to achieve his goals and protect his classmates. Although initially insecure, Nagisa finds his strength and gains confidence as the story progresses.

What makes Nagisa special is his ability to use his appearance to his advantage. Since he is often underestimated, he can surprise his enemies and exploit their weaknesses. He also has a special technique called “Stun Clap,” used to stun or even temporarily paralyze a target. In addition to his fighting skills, Nagisa is also an empathetic and loyal friend. He develops close bonds with his classmates and supports them during difficult times.

Kaede Kayano

Kaede Kayano - Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz

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At first, Kaede appears as a friendly and cheerful student, but her true identity and backstory are revealed as the plot unfolds.

Kaede hides a secret connected with Koro-sensei and his past. She is the sister of Aguri Yukimura, a teacher who Koro-sensei killed. Kaede joins Class 3-E and plans to kill Koro-sensei out of revenge and a desire for justice. She takes the identity of Akari Yukimura to hide her true intention.

Throughout the story, Kaede develops into a decisive character. She shows a strong determination and an unwavering will to accomplish her mission. Although initially driven by revenge, she develops a deeper understanding of Koro-sensei and the lessons he teaches the students over time.

Despite her initial resentment towards Koro-sensei, Kaede also shows a loving and caring side. She cares for her classmates and supports them in difficult times.

Karma Akabane

Karma Akabane - Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz

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Karma is characterized by his rebellious nature, sharp mind, and extraordinary abilities. Karma is known for his cheeky smile, striking red hair, and confident demeanor.

Karma is a highly intelligent student with a strong strategic mindset. He is extremely skilled with weapons and possesses exceptional body control and speed. Karma enjoys getting into fights and staying one step ahead of his opponents.

Despite his rebellious nature and rough demeanor, Karma has a deep loyalty to his friends and classmates. He often displays protective and caring behavior and is willing to do anything to defend them. Although he sometimes comes across as self-centered or reckless, he has a good heart and proves to be a true friend who supports in difficult times.

Karma also has a special relationship with Koro-sensei. Although he is tasked with killing him like everyone else in Class 3-E, a sort of respectful rivalry develops between them. Karma values Koro-sensei’s teachings and abilities and considers him a worthy opponent.

As the story progresses, Karma shows an impressive development. He not only becomes stronger as a fighter but also develops a deeper emotional maturity. He learns to use his skills and knowledge for the good of others and takes responsibility for his actions.

Gakuho Asano

Gakuho Asano - Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz

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Asano is a strict, authoritarian, and ambitious man with high expectations of the students’ performance. Asano is known for his cold and unyielding personality.

As principal, Gakuho Asano plays an important role in organizing the school system and maintaining a strict hierarchy. He firmly believes students should be judged by their academic success and ability to follow the rules. This leads him to consider Class 3-E, where the series’ main characters are, as failures and give them little recognition.

Although Asano is initially portrayed as an antagonist, his character unfolds throughout the story, and his motivations also become clearer. He is strongly obsessed with the idea that only absolute perfection is successful and considers any failure unacceptable. These beliefs result from a complex background that influences his attitude and actions.

It is revealed that Asano himself was once a student of Class 3-E before working his way up the school hierarchy. This has led him to dislike the class and its students strongly. He aims to humiliate Class 3-E and prove his way is the only right way.

As the story progresses, Asano’s relationship with his son, Karma Akabane, a Class 3-E student, is also revealed. Although they have a strained relationship at first, it becomes clear over time that Asano appreciates Karma despite his tough demeanor and is proud of his abilities.

Akira Takaoka

Akira Takaoka - Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz

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Takaoka is aggressive and ruthless. He is known for his cruel and violent nature, especially towards the students of class 3-E. As a teacher, he has an aggressive teaching method that aims to intimidate and humiliate the students. He uses corporal punishment and humiliation to enforce his authority.

One of his main tasks is to prevent the students of class 3-E from killing their alien teacher Koro-sensei. He acts as instructor and antagonist, trying to defeat the students and capture Koro-sensei himself. In doing so, he is ruthless and does not hesitate to use violence.

Takaoka represents an extreme form of exercising power and abusing authority. He shows no mercy to the students of Class 3-E and considers them inferior. His behavior strongly contrasts with the teachings of Koro-sensei, who motivates the students and provides a safe environment for them to develop.

Throughout the story, however, Takaoka is recalled by the government and replaced by another teacher. Although he is only present in the plot for a limited time, he leaves a lasting impression as a brutal and oppressive antagonist.

That should be enough characters to satisfy the majority of fans. And now have fun with my Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You Quiz!