Regular Show Quiz – Which Regular Show Character Are You?

Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz
Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

If you want to know Which Regular Show Character You Are, you’ve come to the right place!

Regular Show is an American animated series created by J.G. Quintel. The series aired from 2010 to 2017. It is about the adventures of Mordecai, a bluebird, and Rigby, a raccoon, who work as park rangers in a park. The series is known for its humorous and surreal style, which often revolves around the absurd experiences of the main characters. Regular Show was well received by critics and viewers and received several awards, including an Emmy.

Let’s take a look at the characters you can get in my Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz.

Characters in Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz


Mordecai - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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He is a big, blue, anthropomorphic bird who works as a park ranger. Unlike his best friend Rigby, Mordecai is loyal, responsible, and mostly reasonable; he often causes chaos and problems.

Mordecai is particularly fond of video games, comics, and pop culture. He often tries to control the situation and make sensible decisions, although he sometimes gets distracted by his playfulness and comfort. Mordecai is known for his signature blue feathers, black glasses, and calm, laid-back personality.

As the series progresses, Mordecai has a complex love affair with another park employee named Margaret. Their relationship evolves from a platonic friendship to a romantic attraction, but misunderstandings and obstacles often mark it.

Muscle Man

Muscle Man - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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Muscle Man is a muscular but also somewhat overweight man with green skin. He is known for his exaggerated, loud, and often vulgar humor. Muscle Man is very proud of his muscles and likes to show them off by taking off his shirt. He has a liking for unhealthy food, especially hot dogs and sodas.

Although Muscle Man sometimes appears silly and immature, he also has good sides. He is a loyal friend and often helps his colleagues during their park adventures. He is known for saving situations with strength, although sometimes he causes chaos.

Muscle Man has a close friendship with his colleague High Five Ghost, with whom he often spends time and makes silly jokes. Although sometimes annoying, he is accepted and respected by the other park employees.


Rigby - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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Rigby is known for his impulsive and lazy character. He is often responsible for messes and chaos. Rigby finds it difficult to take responsibility. Rigby prefers to spend time playing, lounging, and doing other fun activities rather than completing his chores. His indifference often leads to problems and conflicts, which he must solve together with Mordecai.

Despite his weaknesses, Rigby also has good sides. He is a loyal friend and shows compassion for others when it matters. Rigby has a good heart and can be brave regarding his friends or important goals. Although he seems immature and selfish sometimes, he develops a certain maturity and sense of responsibility as the series progresses.

Rigby also has a special relationship with his girlfriend, Eileen, another park employee. Their romance develops throughout the series and shows Rigby’s growth and commitment to his personal development.


Benson - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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Benson is known for his strict and authoritarian qualities. He is very serious and dutiful and expects his employees to do their jobs properly. He is often frustrated by Mordecai and Rigby’s irresponsible and lazy tendencies and often comes into conflict with them.

Despite his strict demeanor, Benson also has his good points. He cares about the park and its employees and tries to maintain a professional environment. He is hard-working and takes his responsibilities seriously. Occasionally, he also shows a softer heart and stands behind his employees when they get into trouble.

Benson has a great urge for order and structure. He doesn’t like it when things get out of control, or there is disorder and chaos. His tension and frustration can sometimes lead to funny and comical situations.

Pops Maellard

Pops Maellard - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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Pops is characterized by his extremely positive attitude and friendly nature. He always sees the good in people and situations and tries to keep peace and harmony. Pops is incredibly naive and innocent, often leading to him having the most absurd ideas and actions. However, his innocence also makes him a character others like to surround themselves with and learn from.

Pops comes from a wealthy family that owns the park’s property where he and the others work. Although he is privileged, he is not arrogant or overbearing. He considers his co-workers and friends’ family and treats them respectfully and kindly.

Pops often speaks politely and formally, which adds to his charming character. He also loves quirky hobbies and activities, such as collecting bottle caps or singing in a barbershop quartet.

Despite his naive nature, Pops can also show his strength and determination when it counts. He can rise above and stand his ground to help his friends or stand up for what is right.


Skips - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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Skips is experienced and wise. He is much older than the others on the park team and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Skips is often seen as the voice of reason and stands by the other characters with advice and solutions when they get into trouble.

A remarkable quality of Skips is his ability to possess supernatural powers. He can die and resurrect repeatedly, indicating that he may be immortal. This knowledge and experience make him an important park team advisor and protector.

Although Skips is often serious and reserved, he also has a sense of humor and is a loyal friend. He shows compassion and stands by the other characters when needed. Skips is very loyal to the park and its employees and is willing to do anything to protect and support them.


Starla - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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Her strong personality and self-confident character characterize Starla. She is energetic, enthusiastic, and often very loud. Starla is known for her loud voice and shrill laugh, which she often uses at the most inappropriate moments.

Starla is a passionate and loving person. She strongly bonds with Muscle Man and supports him in everything he does. Their relationship is characterized by mutual affection and understanding, even if sometimes they get into quarrels and conflicts.

Starla is an accomplished trucker and loves to drive in her truck. She is proud of her skills as a driver and participates in various truck competitions. Starla is known for her ability to perform spectacular stunts with her truck.

Despite her rough appearance and loud nature, Starla also has a gentle side. She is caring and supports her friends when they are in need. She can also be sentimental and likes romantic gestures and surprises.


Margaret - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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Margaret is known for her beauty, kindness, and intelligence. She has long brown feathers and often wears a green shirt and a red bow. Margaret is a popular girl in the park and is very attracted to Mordecai.

The relationship between Margaret and Mordecai develops throughout the series from a platonic friendship to a romantic attraction. The two spend a lot of time together and have common interests. However, misunderstandings, obstacles, and the general chaos in the park often affect their relationship.

Margaret is an adventurous and ambitious person. She loves outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, and surfing. She is also creative and involved in the art scene. Margaret is smart and has a positive attitude towards life.

Despite her attractiveness and popularity, Margaret is down-to-earth and friendly to everyone. She is kind to her friends and colleagues and is always ready to help them. Margaret has a good heart and appreciates the people in her life.

High Five Ghost

High Five Ghost - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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High Five Ghost is a mute character who mostly doesn’t speak and instead communicates through hand gestures and raised eyebrows. Although he has no audible voice, he still manages to express his emotions and thoughts clearly.

High Five Ghost is loyal and supportive of his friends and colleagues at the park. He has a particularly close bond with Muscle Man and often accompanies him on his adventures. The two have a shared passion for silly jokes and pranks.

Despite his silent nature, High Five Ghost is a characteristic part of the clique in the park. He often gets involved in the activities and adventures of the other characters and is always ready to assist his friends.


C.J. - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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C.J. (short for Cloudy Jay) is a cheerful and fun-loving character. She is known for her positive energy and carefree personality. C.J. loves adventures and is always looking for new exciting experiences.

She has a romantic relationship with Mordecai. Their relationship develops slowly, but they have a strong bond and share common interests. They enjoy spending time together, whether playing video games, hiking, or just hanging out.

C.J. has a liking for extreme sports and high-risk activities. She is brave and curious and is not easily deterred. Her love for adventure and thrills often makes for exciting situations.

Although C.J. has a cheerful personality, she also has her own insecurities and fears. She struggles with challenges and must learn to accept her own limitations and embrace herself.

Mr. Maellard

Mr. Maellard - Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz

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Mr. Maellard is an elderly gentleman who occupies a high position in his father’s company. He is known for his wealth, authority, and discerning taste. Mr. Maellard is a strict and formal character who often has high expectations of his son and the park team.

Although he sometimes seems aloof, Mr. Maellard also has a soft side. He cares for Pops and occasionally shows pride in his accomplishments. Despite his aloofness, he recognizes the value of the park team and is committed to the park’s success.

That should be enough characters to satisfy the majority of fans. And now have fun with my Which Regular Show Character Are You Quiz!