Domestic Girlfriend Quiz – Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You?

Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz
Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You?

If you want to know Which Domestic Girlfriend Character You Are, you’ve come to the right place!

Domestic Girlfriend is a manga by Kei Sasuga. It is about a boy named Natsuo who falls in love with his teacher, Hina and begins a relationship with her. Later, a complex love triangle develops when Natsuo also meets Hina’s younger sister, Rui, and falls in love with her as well. The story explores the complicated relationships between the characters and their emotional conflicts.

Domestic Girlfriend was also adapted as an anime and aired in 2019. The series has a total of 12 episodes. It is a romantic drama series with some adult themes and emotional drama. Highly recommended for fans of this genre.

Now let’s take a look at the characters you can get in my Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz.

Characters in Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz


Natsuo - Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz

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At the story’s beginning, he is a 17-year-old high school student passionate about writing. Natsuo is a sensitive and curious boy who often gets lost in thought and expresses his feelings through writing stories.

Natsuo is quite shy and insecure but has a big heart. He is loyal and willing to stand up for the people he cares about. When he falls in love with his teacher Hina, he shows courage and reveals his feelings. This leads to a complicated love affair between the two, as their connection must be kept secret due to circumstances.

Later, Natsuo meets Rui, Hina’s younger sister, and develops strong feelings for her as well. He becomes emotionally conflicted as he is torn between Hina and Rui. Natsuo tries to find the balance between his feelings and the needs of the two girls, which leads to many complex relationship problems.

Throughout the story, Natsuo goes through a development in which he is confronted with his own insecurities and the challenges of love. He learns to take responsibility for his choices and reflect on his own needs. Natsuo is a character who develops and matures throughout the story as he tries to find his own happiness and that of his loved ones.


Hina - Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz

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Hina is an attractive woman with long brown hair and a gentle charisma.

Hina is a responsible and caring person. She has a strong bond with Natsuo and is attracted to him, although the relationship is problematic due to her professional background. Nevertheless, she decides to explore her feelings for Natsuo and enter a relationship with him. She tries to hide her love and overcome this forbidden relationship’s difficulties.

As the story progresses, Hina goes through personal development. She is a woman who has her own insecurities and questions her role as an adult. She struggles with her feelings for Natsuo and her relationship’s moral and ethical aspects. Hina has to deal with the consequences of her decisions and try to do the right thing while trying to find her own happiness.

Hina is also a person who has strong protective instincts, especially when it comes to her family. She is willing to sacrifice and go out of her way for her loved ones. This is evident in her relationship with her younger sister Rui, with whom she has a close bond.


Rui - Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz

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She is the younger sister of Hina.

At the beginning of the plot, Rui is a somewhat distant and introverted young woman. Unlike her older sister, she is not as open and warm-hearted but often seems somewhat cool and reserved. Rui has short, blue hair and often has a serious expression.

However, Rui develops her own story and dynamic as the story progresses. She develops strong feelings for Natsuo after meeting him. Rui is a direct and honest person and decides to be open about her feelings and confess her love to Natsuo. This creates a complicated love triangle between Natsuo, Hina, and Rui.

Rui is also a passionate and talented cook. She takes a job at a restaurant and pursues her passion for cooking. This passion is reflected in her relationship with Natsuo, as she often tries to impress him with her food or show him affection in other ways.

Throughout the story, Rui undergoes a remarkable development. She opens up more emotionally and becomes increasingly caring and loving. Rui tries to overcome her insecurities and learn how to show trust and vulnerability in a relationship. She goes through a personal journey to understand her wants and needs and strengthen her relationship with Natsuo.


Momo - Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz

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She appears later in the story and brings a new dynamic to the already complicated love story.

Momo is an outgoing and extroverted young woman. She has long curly hair and is known for her cheerful and charming nature. Momo is a very popular girl at school and has a lively personality.

Momo is more of a supporting character at first, but as the story progresses, she develops a relationship with Natsuo. Momo is an open and honest person who expresses her feelings freely. She shows great interest in Natsuo and develops romantic feelings for him.

Unlike the other female characters in the story, Momo has a rather light-hearted attitude toward love and sexuality. She is curious and eager to experiment and brings a certain lightness and carefreeness to the characters’ relationships.

Momo is also a talented actress and shows her skills at school and in various theater performances. She is energetic and is not afraid to be the center of attention.

Although Momo is initially introduced as a rather marginal character, she gains importance as the story progresses and influences the dynamics of the relationships between the other characters. Her open and easy-going personality provides an interesting contrast to the more complex relationships of the main characters.


Shuu - Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz

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He is a friend of Natsuo and plays a significant role in the story.

Shuu is a quiet and thoughtful character. He has short, dark hair and often wears glasses. Shuu is a reliable friend who supports Natsuo in difficult times and gives him advice.

Shuu is a serious and ambitious student. He is intelligent and strives for good grades. Unlike the other characters, however, Shuu focuses less on romantic relationships. He is more focused on his academic career and his own goals.

Throughout the story, Shuu develops a professional relationship with Natsuo. He encourages Natsuo to pursue his passion for writing and opens up opportunities to develop his skills. Shuu is an experienced writer and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Although Shuu is initially introduced mainly as Natsuo’s friend, his role evolves as the story progresses. He becomes an important support for Natsuo, offering him advice and help with his relationships and life decisions.

That should be enough characters to satisfy the majority of fans. And now have fun with my Which Domestic Girlfriend Character Are You Quiz!