Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You Quiz

Take This Quiz And Find Out Which HxH Character You Are!

Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You
Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You Quiz

If you have asked yourself, “Which Hunter x Hunter Character Am I, ” you have come to the right place. By taking this personality quiz, you will discover which hunter x hunter character you are. Are you someone from the Hunter Association like Knuckle? Or maybe you are someone from the Phantom Troupe like Chrollo Lucilfer. Or maybe you are someone from the infamous Zoldyck Family like Zeno. Or maybe you’re not a human at all, but one of the Chimera Ants like Shaiapouf. Find out with my “Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You” quiz.

Before starting the quiz, you can read about the organizations mentioned above. After you are done with the quiz, you can also take my Nen Type Quiz. It’ll be fun to see if they match the series or if you’ve created someone new😉.

Now onto the organizations:

Organizations in Hunter x Hunter

Hunter Association

Hunter Association - Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You

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The Hunter Association is a central organization in the world of Hunter x Hunter. It is responsible for granting and regulating the hunter’s license, which gives the holders extensive privileges and rights. The hunter license is granted only to exceptionally capable people, who must pass a series of exams to prove their qualifications.

The Hunter Association has several roles and responsibilities. One of its main roles is to organize and oversee the hunter community. It ensures that hunters fulfill their duties and adhere to certain codes of conduct. The organization also enhances the exchange of information and knowledge among hunters and assists them in carrying out their duties.

Another important concern of the Hunter Association is exploring and mapping the Dark Continent, a dangerous and unexplored region with many secrets. The Association organizes expeditions to the Dark Continent to learn more about this mysterious region.

The Hunter Association has great power and authority, enabling it to influence political and economic matters. It also has the power to perform law enforcement functions and prosecute criminals. As a result, Hunter Association members have a special position in society and often enjoy privilege and prestige.

The Hunter Association plays a significant role in the plot of Hunter x Hunter. It is the hub for many characters and serves as a framework for exciting adventures, conflicts, and political intrigue. The organization offers a rich backstory and contributes to the world’s development and the series’ characters.

Phantom Troupe

Phantom Troupe - Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You

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The Phantom Troupe, also known as the Spiders, is a notorious criminal organization in Hunter x Hunter. It consists of twelve members, each with a unique ability and role. The Phantom Troupe has earned a reputation for being ruthless and violent, and they are known for committing criminal activities such as theft, robbery, and murder.

The members of Phantom Troupe have their own individual motivations and background stories. Their closest bond is that they all wear a special mark, a spider tattoo, with their rank. They consider themselves a sort of family and are willing to sacrifice everything for their members (Except for Hisoka, lol).

The Phantom Troupe is especially known for their heist in the Zoldyck family’s hometown, where they stole valuable treasures and artifacts. The leader is Chrollo Lucilfer, a charismatic and strategic thinker.

The Phantom Troupe plays a significant role in the plot of Hunter x Hunter. They appear during the Yorknew City arc, in which they plan a great theft and come into conflict with other characters, including Gon and Killua.

Zoldyck Family

Zoldyck Family - Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You

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The Zoldyck family is a powerful and notorious family of assassins in Hunter x Hunter. They are known for accepting missions of the highest danger and complexity and are feared in the underworld as deadly professionals. The members of the Zoldyck family have undergone strict training and have extraordinary abilities and strength.

The head of the Zoldyck family is Silva Zoldyck, a cold and determined man. His wife is Kikyo Zoldyck, the mother of their children. Together they have several children, including Killua, Illumi, Milluki, Alluka, and Kalluto, each of whom has a unique role in the family and special abilities.

Killua Zoldyck is a particularly talented and versatile assassin. Although he was forced into assassin training from an early age, he longs to lead his own life and experience freedom. Throughout the plot, he evolves from a cold-blooded assassin to a loyal friend and ally of Gon and other characters.

The Zoldyck family lives on a remote island called Kukuroo Mountain, equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and deadly traps. Access to the island is strictly controlled, and intruders have little chance of surviving. The family also has its own team of butlers, made up of highly trained fighters, to protect them.

Although the Zoldycks are known as cold-blooded contract killers, they also have their own morals and rules. They don’t accept every assignment and adhere to a code of honor. Moreover, they are an extremely loyal family, and the bond within the family is strong.

The Zoldyck family plays an important role in the plot of Hunter x Hunter. Killua’s search for freedom and his place in the world is at the center of his personal story, which is closely linked to his family. The Zoldycks also deal with topics such as expectations, loyalty, and the pursuit of independence.

Chimera Ants

Chimera Ants - Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You


The Chimera Ants are a special species of insect-like creatures in Hunter x Hunter. They playing a leading role in one of the series’ central storylines, the Chimera Ants arc. These creatures are characterized by their ability to eat other animals and take over their characteristics and abilities.

The Chimera Ants are created by the Queen, who hatches on a remote island at the beginning of the arc. With each bite, the Queen continuously produces Chimera Ant soldiers that grow stronger and more intelligent. As a result, they evolve into an increasingly threatening and dominant species.

What makes the Chimera Ants especially dangerous is their ability to use Nen. The Chimera Ants that can use Nen become even more dangerous opponents because they can develop and use their own individual abilities. During their evolution, the Chimera Ants also take on human characteristics and increasingly develop human emotions, thoughts, and motivations. This leads to some Chimera Ants becoming more complex characters and pursuing their own goals. Some even harbor the desire to dominate humanity or ally themselves with humans.

That’s it, and now have fun with my Which Hunter x Hunter Character Are You Quiz!