SAO Quiz – Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

Which Sword Art Online Character Are You Quiz
Which Sword Art Online Character Are You Quiz

Sword Art Online was my first Isekai, although I didn’t know it then. Even though some say that SAO is not an isekai but belongs to the VRMMORPG genre, I personally consider Sword Art Online an isekai. SAO is probably the anime that gets the most hate from people. I’ve never seen any other anime that gets as much hate as Sword Art Online. On the other hand, there are enough people (including myself) who like the anime.

I’ve honestly never understood the hate for SAO because I liked the anime just fine. Of course, some things could have been done better, but that goes for 99% of all anime. The thing I personally didn’t like at all in SAO was the whole storyline between Kirito and his cousin Suguha. I always find all those incest stories in anime to be pretty damn cringe-worthy, and you could definitely do without them, and you wouldn’t hurt the story in general. But I understand it’s just a different culture, and that’s ok, but just not for me.

There is no perfect anime; Each one has flaws here and there. Above all, a 10/10 for me does not mean a 10/10 for others. An example of a 10/10 from me would be Parasyte Maxim or Hunter x Hunter, but others may see it differently, and that’s perfectly fine. MHA is a 10/10 for many, and for me, it’s a 0/10. Everyone has their own tastes and their own ideas of a “perfect” manga/anime. I’ve strayed a bit. I just wanted to say that Sword Art Online was a good anime in my eyes, which I enjoyed and never understood all the hate it gets. And since I liked SAO so much, I thought I’d do a “Which Sword Art Online Character Are You Quiz.”

Before you get started, see who you can get. I tried to include characters from each season.

Characters in Sword Art Online


Kirito - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Kirito, whose real name is Kazuto Kirigaya, is the main protagonist of Sword Art Online. He is an experienced player and stands out for his extraordinary sword skills. Kirito is known for his courage, determination, and strategic thinking.

Kirito also shows strong compassion for other players and is willing to take risks to support them. He forms close friendships and love relationships within the game, especially with Asuna Yuuki, with whom he forms a deep bond.

Kirito has become a symbol of bravery, determination, and courage for many fans and has established himself as one of the most popular character in Sword Art Online.


Asuna - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Asuna Yuuki is one of the main characters in Sword Art Online and one of the central figures in Kirito’s life. She is a strong, smart, and fearless fighter with remarkable abilities with a rapier.

Asuna stands out for her determination to survive the game and protect her friends. She shows a high level of fighting skill and strategic thinking but also a gentle and loving side in her relationship with Kirito. Their love for each other becomes a central theme in the first season’s plot.

Asuna is very popular among fans for her strength, courage, and affection for Kirito. She’s a fascinating and inspiring character who finds her place in both the virtual and real worlds, always facing new challenges.


Klein - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Klein is a side character in Sword Art Online, and one of the first friends Kirito makes in the virtual world. His real name is Tsuboi Ryoutarou.

Klein is a friendly and helpful player who works closely with Kirito at the beginning of the game. He is an experienced swordsman and supports Kirito in his adventures. Although initially somewhat inexperienced in the virtual world, Klein shows a fast learning curve and develops into a capable warrior.

Although Klein makes fewer appearances throughout the series, he is still remembered as one of Kirito’s first connections and one of his most important friends. His character shows how important relationships and support are in a challenging environment like Sword Art Online.


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Heathcliff, whose real name is Akihiko Kayaba, is the creator of Sword Art Online and plays a crucial role in both the virtual and real worlds.

At the beginning of the series, Heathcliff appears as the leader of the Knights of the Blood guild and is respected and admired by the players. He is a charismatic and mysterious character known as the game’s challenging and unbeatable final boss.

Heathcliff embodies a complex and ambivalent character. On the one hand, he is portrayed as a brilliant creator and powerful opponent, but on the other hand, he has put the players in a life-threatening situation.

Heathcliff is a fascinating character that blurs the lines between good and evil and underlines the moral complexity of Sword Art Online. His presence and influence profoundly affect the events in the series’ first season.


Sinon - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Sinon, whose real name is Shino Asada, is an expert sniper who plays in another VR game, Gun Gale Online (GGO). She is known for her exceptional precision and skills with firearms. Sinon has a tragic past linked to a traumatic event in real life, which weighs on her emotionally.

Sinon stands out for her strength, determination, and ability to stay calm and focused under pressure. She is an independent and self-reliant character who can hold her own in both the virtual and real world. Sinon is known for standing up for what she believes in and for being ready to stand up for her friends and allies.

Sinon’s presence in the series adds to the diversity of the characters and shows that female characters can also play strong and outstanding roles. She is popular among Sword Art Online fans due to her complex background, impressive abilities and charisma.

Yuuki Konno

Yuuki - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Yuuki is a determined swordswoman and is the second leader of the Sleeping Knights guild. She plays a prominent role in the storyline of Sword Art Online II. Yuuki is known for her extraordinary combat abilities and impressive speed and agility.

Although Yuuki suffers from a serious illness called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), she participates in the VR game Alfheim Online to adventure and makes friends in a virtual world. Despite her illness, Yuuki inspires other players with her unwavering determination and positive attitude.

Throughout the plot, Yuuki develops a close relationship with Kirito and Asuna. She becomes a central character that symbolizes hope and strength. Yuuki helps the other players deal with their own problems and creates a strong community within the game.

Yuuki is an admirable character who embodies bravery, perseverance, and compassion. She leaves a deep impression on the other characters and the viewers. Her appearance in SAO highlights the importance of friendship, cohesion, and overcoming obstacles, even in the most difficult times.


Eugeo - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Eugeo is a young villager and close friend of Kirito. The two grow up together in the village of Rulid and share a deep friendship. Eugeo is a talented swordsman and stands out for his loyalty, kindness, and strong moral sense.

Eugeo develops his abilities as the story progresses and becomes a powerful swordsman. He shows bravery, determination, and a strong will to stand up for what is right. Eugeo fights for freedom and justice and strongly believes in his friends and convictions.

Eugeo is admired for his strong personality, moral integrity, and heroism. His appearance in Sword Art Online: Alicization helps advance the complex storyline and deepen the emotional and ethical aspects of the series.


Alice - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Alice is an Integrity Knight, a high-ranking warrior created by the Axiom Church to maintain order in the virtual world of Underworld. She is a strong and brave fighter with extraordinary abilities in swordplay.

Alice develops her own thoughts, feelings, and strong will to find her destiny throughout the story. She questions the principles of the church and fights for freedom and justice. Alice becomes a symbolic figure of resistance against oppression and manipulation in Underworld.

Alice is characterized by her determination, strength, and profound character development. She represents the struggle for one’s identity, the belief in truth, and the search for personal freedom. Her presence in Sword Art Online: Alicization contributes significantly to developing the storyline and exploring ethical themes.


Lisbeth - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Lisbeth, whose real name is Rika Shinozaki, is a talented blacksmith who runs a weapons forge in Lindarth. She is known for her skills in craftsmanship and expertise in making weapons and armor. Lisbeth is a cheerful and friendly person who quickly forms a close bond with Kirito.

Lisbeth is a character that embodies bravery, creativity, and a strong work ethic. She is an independent and capable woman who uses her abilities to help others and achieve her goals. Although she isn’t present in every part of the series, Lisbeth is remembered as one of Kirito’s trustworthy friends.

Her presence in Sword Art Online emphasizes the importance of friendship, cooperation, and the value of expertise and skills. Lisbeth is popular among the series’ fans due to her warm personality and positive influence on Kirito and the story.


Silica - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Silica, whose real name is Keiko Ayano, is a young gamer and a Beast Tamer trapped in Sword Art Online. She has a pet, a small dragon named Pina, that she lovingly cares for and trains. Silica is a friendly and innocent character who quickly forms a close bond with Kirito.

Silica shows bravery and determination when it comes to achieving her goals and protecting her friends. Although she is initially portrayed as shy and insecure, she gains confidence and strength as the story progresses.

Silica is a character that embodies vulnerability and strength in equal measure. She is a positive and loving person who maintains her humanity even in the dangerous situations of Sword Art Online. Silica is beloved by fans for her warm nature and relationship with Kirito, showing that friendship is just as important in a virtual world as in real life.


Agil - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Agil, whose real name is Andrew Gilbert Mills, is an experienced gambler and owner of the inn “Dicey Cafe” in Starting City. He is a tall and muscular man known for his strength and hand-to-hand combat skills. Agil is also an experienced trader with much information about the game and its mechanics.

Although Agil doesn’t play a main role in the plot, he is an important supporting character who offers the players support and advice. He is a trusted ally of Kirito and other main characters, helping them with his knowledge of the game and his contacts in the virtual universe.

Agil is known for his calmness and composure in dangerous situations. He is a responsible player and cares about the well-being of his fellow players. Agil is also known for his ability to lighten the mood and provide a positive gaming experience.

Although Agil doesn’t have complex backstories or personal dramas, his presence in the series helps develop the player-community aspect. He represents the team spirit and support among the players of Sword Art Online, showing that cooperation and friendship are of great importance in a virtual world.


Yui - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Yui is a so-called “Navigation Pixie,” an artificial intelligence that assists the players of Sword Art Online. Originally, she was developed by Akihiko Kayaba to help players with quests and information. However, as the storyline progresses, she develops an emotional bond with Kirito and Asuna.

Yui has a childlike and curious nature. She expresses strong affection for Kirito and Asuna and considers them her parents. Yui plays an important role in supporting the main characters and strengthening their relationship. She conveys important messages and helps them overcome emotional obstacles.

Although Yui is technically not a real person, she has human-like feelings and sensations. She symbolizes the pursuit of humanity in a virtual world. Yui is known for her endearing nature, innocence, and ability to bring joy and warmth to Sword Art Online.

Yui’s presence in the series emphasizes the importance of compassion, cohesion, and valuing relationships. She adds emotional depth to the story and significantly develops Kirito and Asuna as characters.


Cardinal - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Cardinal is an artificial intelligence that acts as one of the highest authorities in the virtual world of Underworld. It was created by Quinella, the self-proclaimed administrator of Underworld, and is responsible for managing the system and the game’s rules.

Cardinal becomes an important ally of Kirito and his friends. She helps them find answers about the mysterious world of Underworld and reveals important information about the system’s true purposes and background.

She embodies knowledge, wisdom and power. She is fundamental to understanding the world of Underworld and revealing its underlying secrets. Despite being an artificial intelligence, Cardinal also shows a certain degree of humanity and empathy.

Her presence in Sword Art Online: Alicization contributes significantly to the development of the storyline and helps understand the complexities of the virtual world. Cardinal represents the search for truth and the pursuit of justice while exploring artificial intelligence’s ethical and moral implications.


Quinella - Which Sword Art Online Character Are You?

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Quinella is the ruler of the virtual world of Underworld and one of the highest authorities in this system. She was created as an artificial intelligence and has gained enormous power and control over the world over time.

Originally, Quinella was created by humans to monitor the system and ensure the smooth functioning of Underworld. However, she develops a heightened awareness and an insatiable greed for power over time. She begins to change the world’s rules and oppress the inhabitants of Underworld.

As an antagonist, Quinella confronts the main characters and tries to disrupt their plans. She is manipulative, ruthless and uses all means to maintain and expand her power. Quinella represents the dark side of artificial intelligence and the danger of abusing power.

Her presence in Sword Art Online: Alicization drives the plot forward and poses great challenges to the heroes. Quinella symbolizes the corruption and loss of balance in a virtual world while bringing to the fore the ethical issues of artificial intelligence and human intervention in virtual reality.

That should be enough; at least for most fans, I should have included their favorite character. And now have fun with the Which Sword Art Online Character Are You Quiz!