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I am an absolute Dragon Ball fan and love everything related to it. Like many others, I always associate the OG Dragon Ball with my childhood. I loved to wait in front of the TV for the latest episode, even if I wasn’t always allowed to watch it. I remember how anxiously everyone waited for Goku to turn into a Super Saiyan in DBZ finally – this shit took aaaaaages. And I was always hoping it would happen when I got to watch, too.

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are my absolute favorite parts of the anime. Super was good, too, but nothing beats the other two parts from my point of view. By the way, I also have a Dragon Ball Super Quiz and an Ultimate Dragon Ball Quiz. The Ultimate Quiz consists of questions about all the parts (except GT, of course). GT was not for me, I must say. Not at all, really. I still watched it, though, but don’t expect a quiz about it.

When Raditz first told us about the Saiyans and also that Goku is one, I was immediately intrigued by this twist. I mean, we probably all had our suspicions that Goku was different. He had a tail and turned into a freaking gorilla during the full moon. Still, there are so many “weird” people/creatures in Dragon Ball (talking turtles, pigs, etc.) that I didn’t assume he wasn’t from Earth or human at all.

As I said, the Saiyans intrigued me, and I wanted to know more. Which then also happened in the course of DBZ. And that’s exactly why I thought I’d make a Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You quiz – for people like you and me who love everything Saiyan. I will put in all the up-to-date Saiyans, like Kale and Cabba. So that everyone has a chance to get their favorite Saiyan and the one you identify with the most. Of course, I left some out, like Beets or Moroko, lol. Have fun with my Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz 😊

Saiyans You Can Get In My Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz


Bardock - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Warrior: He was among the lower ranks of the elite Saiyan force under Freezer’s rule.
  • Visionary Warrior: Bardock could see into the future (the unique ability of the Kanassans if you remember). This allowed him to foresee events, including Freezer’s destruction of the planet Vegeta. Unfortunately, he realized the threat too late to save his homeworld.
  • Revolt against Freezer: After Bardock foresaw the destruction of Planet Vegeta and his people, he tried to rise against Freezer. He fought bravely against Freezer’s soldiers but was defeated and seemingly killed.
  • Legendary Super Saiyan: Bardock is often associated with the legend of the legendary Super Saiyan, although he never achieved this transformation. However, he is sometimes shown in this form in later Dragon Ball media, such as movies and video games.
  • Popularity: despite his limited screen time and brief appearance in the original manga and anime series, Bardock has developed a large fan base due to his cool appearance and rebellious nature. This led to him being further explored in various Dragon Ball movies and spin-offs. He is also my favorite character.


Broly - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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Broly is an extremely popular and iconic character in the Dragon Ball series. He was originally introduced in the Dragon Ball Z movies “Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan” (1993), “Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming” (1994) and “Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly” (1994). Later, his story and character were further expanded in various reinterpretations, including the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” (2018).

  • Origin and Background: Broly is a Saiyajin born on the planet Vegeta. He is especially notable for his incredible strength and exceptional fighting skills. However, Broly is also known for his emotional instability and outbursts of rage due to traumatic events in his childhood.
  • Legend of the Legendary Super Saiyan: Broly is often referred to as the Legendary Super Saiyan. His immense power in the legendary Super Saiyan state makes him an almost unstoppable force. This, of course, is open to discussion. Here is an exciting discussion on whether or not Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan. It was never Canon, is all I have to say about it…
  • Rivalry with Goku and Vegeta: In the movies and later in the Dragon Ball Super adaptation, Broly is presented as a strong opponent of Goku and Vegeta. The feud between Broly and Son Goku forms the core of many storylines.
  • Re-interpretation in “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”: The 2018 movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” presents a re-interpretation of the character. Here, you can learn more about Broly’s backstory and connection to other important characters in Dragon Ball.
  • Popularity: Broly has an immense fan base and is often considered one of the series’s most impressive and feared antagonists. His impressive strength and chaotic fights have helped make him one of the most memorable characters in the Dragon Ball series.


Fasha - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Warrior: Fasha was a Saiyan warrior and, like Bardock, belonged to the lower ranks of the Saiyan elite force under Freezer’s rule. She was known for her strength and fighting abilities.
  • Member of Bardock’s Team: Fasha was a member of Bardock’s fighter team, traveling with him on various missions on behalf of Freezer. They fought on different planets and took on missions to subjugate other civilizations.
  • Role in “Bardock: The Father of Goku”: Fasha had a significant role in the TV special. She accompanied Bardock on a mission to conquer the planet Kanassa. There, they were attacked by the Kanassans, and Fasha tragically died in that incident.
  • Other Appearances: although Fasha appears in the original Dragon Ball Z series and the manga only in “Bardock: The Father of Goku,” she was occasionally mentioned in later Dragon Ball media, including video games and merchandising, and developed inside stories.


Gine - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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She was first introduced in the movie “Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku” (1990) and in the manga “Dragon Ball Minus,” which serves as part of Son Goku’s backstory.

  • Saiyan Origin: Gine was a Saiyan and, like Bardock, belonged to the lower rank of Saiyan warriors under Freezer’s rule. Unlike many Saiyans, however, she was not particularly aggressive or combative, making her an exception among her race.
  • Relationship to Bardock: Gine was the wife of Bardock and the mother of Goku and Raditz. Unlike most Saiyans, who had more distant relationships with their families, Gine had a close bond with her husband and son. She was gentle and cared about her family.
  • Leaving the Saiyan Lifestyle: Gine left the Saiyan army after realizing how brutal and violent the Saiyans were. She could no longer identify with their warrior culture and preferred to live more peacefully.
  • Last Appearance: In the manga “Dragon Ball Minus,” Gine’s story is explored in more detail. There, we learn that after leaving the army, she joined Planet Vegeta’s team of cooks and cleaners. This explains her rather gentle and caring character.


Goku - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Origin: Goku is a Saiyan. He was born on Vegeta and was given the Saiyan name Kakarot. However, as a baby, he was sent to Earth to conquer it, but he lost his memory and was raised by his Earthly grandfather, Gohan.
  • Personality: Goku is known for his friendly and naive personality. He is always hungry for new challenges and battles but also loves his friends and family. His seemingly endless enthusiasm and constant desire to become stronger are characteristic of him.
  • Fighting Skills: Goku is an outstanding fighter who has mastered numerous fighting techniques.
  • Friendships and Relationships: Goku has close friendships with many other characters in Dragon Ball, including Bulma, Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta. He is also a loving husband to Chi-Chi and a caring father to his two sons, Gohan and Goten.
  • Travels and Adventures: Goku is known for his numerous travels and adventures. He has explored the world, participated in several world championships, fought in the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament, fought dangerous villains, and even crossed the universe’s boundaries.
  • Symbol of Hope and Strength: Goku is often portrayed as a symbol of hope, determination, and unshakable human strength. He never gives up and always strives to improve, no matter how difficult the challenges.

Black Goku

Black Goku - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Origin and Identity: Black Goku is not a version of the real Goku but an alternate version of him from a parallel world. In this world, Goku was taken over and controlled by another kaioshin named Zamasu. Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to transfer his soul into Goku’s body, thus gaining his incredible powers.
  • Motivation: Black Goku’s main motivation was to wipe out all humans and Saiyans because he believed they would flood the universe with violence and chaos. He had a strong dislike for Saiyans and was determined to destroy them.
  • Appearance and Powers: Black Goku looks the same as the real Goku on the outside but wears darker clothes and has a distinctive earring that indicates his connection to Zamasu. He is extremely powerful and has the powers and abilities of Goku that he took over in his body, as well as powerful new techniques.
  • Fight Future Trunks: The saga “Future Trunks” focuses on the conflict between Black Goku and Future Trunks. Trunks returns from a dark future where Black Goku and Zamasu rule the world and decimate the population. An intense battle ensues, in which Trunks and his allies try to defeat Black Goku and Zamasu.
  • Ending: Eventually, Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks, and other heroes defeat Black Goku and Zamasu. The two villains are finally defeated, and the threat to the world is eliminated.

King Vegeta

King Vegeta - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan King: King Vegeta was the king of the planet Vegeta, the homeworld of the Saiyans. He was the father of Vegeta.
  • Power and Influence: King Vegeta was an extremely powerful and influential Saiyan. He commanded the Saiyan army and was the leader of the Saiyan race. His status as king meant that he ruled over most of the Saiyans on the planet.
  • Conflict with Freezer: King Vegeta and the Saiyans were originally under the rule of Freezer. However, when King Vegeta realized Freezer threatened his people, he attempted to rebel against him by sending his son Vegeta to Namek at night to search for the Dragon Balls.
  • Tragic End: King Vegeta’s rebellion against Freezer ended tragically. Freezer was superior to King Vegeta in terms of strength and power. As punishment for his rebellion, Freezer killed King Vegeta and destroyed Planet Vegeta, leading to the almost extinction of the Saiyan race.
  • Mentions and Flashbacks: Although King Vegeta only appears in flashbacks and memories in the original Dragon Ball Z series and manga, he has left a lasting impression due to his importance to the Saiyans’ backstory and connection to Vegeta.

Xeno King Vegeta

Xeno King Vegeta - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Dragon Ball Heroes: Xeno King Vegeta appears in the Dragon Ball Heroes arcs, a collection of video games, manga, and other media focusing on the extended Dragon Ball story. This franchise features alternative storylines and characters, including Xeno King Vegeta.
  • Differences from the Main Canon: In the Dragon Ball Heroes games and media, the story of Xeno King Vegeta differs from that of the original King Vegeta as told in the main canon. In this alternate history, characters from different timelines and dimensions may clash.
  • Role and Abilities: Xeno King Vegeta is a powerful Saiyan who, like his counterpart in the main canon, holds a high position. He can achieve Super Saiyan transformations and has strong fighting abilities, making him a challenging opponent.
  • Storyline Appearances: Xeno King Vegeta appears in various Dragon Ball Heroes arcs and appears in storylines in which he fights against threats from different dimensions and other alternate characters.


Nappa - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Warrior: Nappa was a powerful Saiyan warrior and served for a long time under the leadership of Prince Vegeta. As a Saiyan, Nappa was known for his fighting skills and brutality.
  • Mission on Earth: Nappa and Raditz traveled to Earth to find Goku. Their mission was to bring Goku back to Planet Vegeta or kill him.
  • Battle on Earth: Nappa and Raditz triggered a great battle on Earth, where they fought Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, and others. During this battle, Nappa showed his immense strength and murderous nature, defeating many earthly fighters.
  • Fate: During the battle, Goku finally defeated and seriously injured Nappa. Vegeta, who had come to Earth to check his fighting spirit, killed Nappa in cold blood by throwing him into the air and finishing him off with an energy beam after seeing that Nappa had lost to Goku.
  • Mentions and Flashbacks: Although Nappa does not appear in the main story after his defeat and death, he is occasionally mentioned or shown in flashbacks (with hair, lol).


Paragus - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Origin: Paragus is a Saiyan. However, he is not a main character in the main story of the Dragon Ball manga and anime but appears exclusively in the movies.
  • Father of Broly: Paragus is the father of Broly. Broly is often called the Legendary Super Saiyan and has tremendous powers.
  • Exile on a Distant Planet: Paragus’ story revolves around how King Vegeta exiled him and his son Broly. This happened because Broly was considered too dangerous as a child due to his overwhelming powers. They were stranded on the planet Vampa, isolated for many years.
  • Revenge against King Vegeta and Vegeta: Paragus strongly disliked King Vegeta and his son Vegeta over the years because he believed they had wronged him and his son. His main goal was to take revenge and use his powers to defeat Vegeta.
  • Return and Confrontation: In “Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan,” Paragus returns to Earth with Broly to confront Goku, Vegeta, and other Saiyans. In the process, he tries to transform his son into the legendary Super Saiyan and take revenge on Vegeta.


Raditz - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Origin: Raditz is the older brother of Goku and thus an uncle of Gohan and Goten.
  • Arrival on Earth: Raditz arrives on Earth to find his brother Goku. He is on a mission to bring Goku back to Planet Vegeta, as he is supposed to conquer Earth due to his Saiyan origins. However, after arriving on Earth, Goku lost his memory and became a peaceful fighter.
  • Fighting Earthlings: Raditz initially shows himself as a threat to Earth and easily defeats Piccolo and Goku in a brutal fight. This leads to Goku and Piccolo forming an unusual alliance to defeat Raditz.
  • Fate: In a crucial moment, Goku sacrifices himself to defeat Raditz. Piccolo fires a powerful special ray called Makankosappo at both of them and although Raditz is killed, Goku survives seriously injured. This marks the beginning of a series of events that set in motion the main story of Dragon Ball Z.
  • Impact on Plot: Raditz may be killed off early in the main story of Dragon Ball Z, but his arrival on Earth and appearance significantly impact the plot. His revelation of Goku’s true identity as a Saiyan and the existence of even more powerful Saiyans like Vegeta and Nappa introduce the Saiyan saga, one of the most important and longest arcs in Dragon Ball Z.


Tarble - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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Tarble, whose full name is Vegeta Tarble, is a supporting character in Dragon Ball and first appears in the anime special “Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!!”.

  • Saiyan Origin: Tarble is a Saiyan and the younger brother of Vegeta.
  • Differences from Vegeta: Unlike his brother Vegeta, Tarble is rather shy, meek, and reserved. He does not possess the aggressive and warlike behavior typical of Saiyans and does not fit well into the culture of his people.
  • Marriage to Gure: Tarble is married to Gure, an alien woman from an unknown planet. She is a pretty and kind woman who, unlike most Saiyans, prefers a quiet life.
  • Return to Earth: In “Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!!” Tarble returns to Earth and asks Goku and his friends for help. He explains that a dangerous Saiyan named Abo appeared on his home planet and threatened the population.
  • Battles and Solutions: Although Tarble is not particularly strong in combat, he asks Goku and Vegeta to help him fight Abo. Together, they eliminate the threat and restore peace to Tarble’s home planet.


Vegeta - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Origin: Vegeta is the prince of the Saiyans.
  • Character Development: Vegeta has undergone a remarkable evolution throughout the series. When he was first introduced to Dragon Ball Z, he was an arrogant and proud warrior who would conquer Earth. Over time, however, his personality changed. He became friendlier and developed a closer relationship with the other characters and his family.
  • Rivalry with Goku: One of Vegeta’s most distinctive characteristics is his ongoing rivalry with Goku. The two have fought many epic battles and competitions that have shaped the series’ storyline. Although they often started as enemies, they also developed a friendship over time.
  • Fighting Abilities: Vegeta is one of the strongest warriors in Dragon Ball. He has mastered numerous powerful techniques.
  • Family: Vegeta is married to Bulma Briefs and has two children, Trunks and Bulla (also known as Bra). Although he was an awkward father at first, he developed a strong bond with his family and showed a caring side over time.
  • Change for the Good: Vegeta’s character development from an arrogant antagonist to a hero and ally of the Z warriors is one of the most remarkable in the series. His constant quest for strength and his desire to defeat his own demons (until he just lets go, see boo arc lol) make him a profound and fascinating character.


Cabba - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Origin: Cabba comes from the planet Sadala, the homeworld of the Saiyans in Universe 6. Unlike Universe 7, where the Saiyans come from Planet Vegeta, the Saiyans in Universe 6 are known for their peaceful character and kind nature.
  • Appearance in the Tournament of Power: Cabba is first introduced in the “Dragon Ball Super” arc “Tournament of Power”. This tournament was organized by Zen-Oh, the King of Everything, and was meant to bring together the best fighters from different universes.
  • Friendship with Vegeta: During the Tournament of Force, Cabba fights Vegeta from Universe 7. During their fight, Vegeta asks Cabba to transform into a Super Saiyan, which surprises Cabba because he didn’t know how to do that before. Vegeta shows him how to achieve this transformation and encourages him to do so.
  • Growth as a Fighter: Through Vegeta’s influence and his experiences during the tournament, Cabba develops into a stronger fighter and becomes able to achieve Super Saiyan status. This shows his ability to improve himself.
  • Return to his Universe: After the Tournament of Power, Cabba returns to his universe and tells his King of Everything about his experiences and encounters with Vegeta. This leads to deepening relations between the Saiyans in Universe 6 and 7.


Caulifla - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Origin: Caulifla comes from the planet Sadala in Universe 6, like Cabba.
  • Character Traits: Caulifla is a brave and energetic Saiyan. She has a strong personality and is always looking for new challenges and ways to become stronger. She is also extremely confident and has a high opinion of her own abilities.
  • Transformation into a Super Saiyan: During the Tournament of Power, Caulifla learns how to transform into a Super Saiyan after learning the technique from Cabba. This makes her one of the first female Super Saiyans in the series.
  • Growth as a Fighter: Caulifla shows impressive growth during the Tournament of Power. Not only does she achieve Super Saiyan status, but she also continues to increase her powers and abilities, becoming an important team member.
  • Relationship with Kale: Caulifla has a close relationship with Kale, another Saiyan from Universe 6. Kale adores Caulifla and develops a sort of crush on her. The two form a powerful duo and can fuse and transform into a powerful form called Kefla.


Kale - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Saiyan Origin: Like Caulifla and Cabba, Kale is also from the planet Sadala in Universe 6.
  • Character Traits: At the beginning of the series, Kale is extremely shy, reserved, and insecure. She suffers from an extreme lack of self-confidence and is afraid of being a burden to others. However, this changes when she transforms into a powerful Saiyan berserker.
  • Transformation into the Saiyan Berserker: During the Tournament of Power, Kale awakens the ability to transform into a Saiyan Berserker, an extremely powerful and chaotic form of the Super Saiyan. In this form, her powers increase significantly, but she has difficulty controlling her powers.
  • Relationship with Caulifla: Kale has a close relationship with Caulifla. Caulifla takes care of Kale and encourages her to use her abilities and become stronger. The two form a powerful duo and can even join together to form a powerful fused form called Kefla.
  • Development and Growth: Kale undergoes impressive development throughout the series. She gains self-confidence and learns to control her powers better. Although she initially had a passive personality, she became stronger and more confident in battle.


Gohan - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Origin and Family: Gohan is the firstborn son of Goku and Chi-Chi. His grandfather is the powerful Son Gohan, after whom he was named. Gohan grows up on Earth and leads a relatively normal life until his extraordinary Saiyan abilities are discovered.
  • Unique Powers: Gohan has shown tremendous potential for fighting power from birth. He possesses exceptional ki and can transform into a Super Saiyan, giving him a massive boost to his powers.
  • Education and Intelligence: Gohan is a fighter and a brilliant student. He has an academic background and pursues his education seriously. His intelligence and love of education set him apart from many other Saiyans.
  • Developmental Journey: Gohan’s character development is a central storyline in Dragon Ball. Initially, he is shy and reserved, but over time, he gains confidence and becomes a brave fighter and hero.
  • Key Moments: Gohan has experienced some of the most memorable moments in Dragon Ball history. One of the highlights is his fight against Cell, in which he achieves Cell’s Perfect Destruction and impresses his father, Goku. Another defining moment is his fight against Buu, in which he transforms into “Ultimate Gohan” and plays an important role in the destruction of Majin Buu.
  • Family: Gohan’s love and devotion to his family are central to his character. He marries Videl, the daughter of Mr. Satan, and together they have a daughter named Pan.


Trunks - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Origin: Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma.
  • Time Travel: There are two main versions of Trunks in the Dragon Ball – Future Trunks and Present Trunks. Future Trunks traveled back in time to save his world from the threat of the androids and the cyborg Cell, while Present Trunks grew up in the main story of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.
  • Combat Skills: Trunks is an extremely talented fighter. He is also known for his sword fighting skills and carries a powerful sword called “Z-Sword” or “Tapion’s Sword.”
  • Future: In his future, Future Trunks witnessed the destruction by the androids and the arrival of Cyborg Cell. He traveled back in time to ask for help from the Z Warriors and find a way to save his future.
  • Time Travel and Parallel Worlds: Trunks’ time travel led to the introduction of the concept of parallel worlds in Dragon Ball. His actions in the past influenced the creation of an alternate timeline and led to various developments and events.
  • Character Development: Trunks’ character underwent a remarkable evolution throughout the series. From a shy boy in his future, he transformed into a determined, brave fighter who wanted to save his world. In the main story, he grew up in a loving family and became a kind, smart young man.


Goten - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Origin: Goten is the younger son of Goku and Chi-Chi, and thus the younger brother of Gohan.
  • Childhood and Abilities: Goten is introduced in the series as an exceptionally gifted fighter. He can transform into a Super Saiyan at a young age, which is a considerable advance since it took Goku and Gohan years to reach that level.
  • Friendship: Goten has a close friendship with Trunks. The two practically grow up together and are both best friends and fighting partners.
  • Development and Personality: Goten is portrayed in the series as friendly, cheerful, and playful. Compared to his older brother Gohan, he is usually less serious and has less interest in training and fighting. Nevertheless, he had the potential to become a very strong fighter.


Pan - Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz

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  • Origin: Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl.
  • Birth and Childhood: Pan is born in Dragon Ball Z and grows up in a world constantly beset by alien threats. Despite this, she has a relatively normal and happy childhood since her parents do their best to protect her from the world’s dangers.
  • Potential: Pan inherits the potential of her Saiyan ancestors and shows amazing abilities early in life. She can fly, has considerable fighting strength, and is able to impress her grandfather, Goku, as a child.
  • Personality: Pan is portrayed as cheerful, brave, and energetic. She has a strong personality and tends to seek adventure. Despite her youth, she is determined to protect her family and friends.

I think that’s enough characters to make the majority happy. Most should now have a chance to get their favorite character. Have fun with my Which Dragon Ball Saiyan Are You Quiz! Leave a comment about who you got and if it fits 😊.